Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Cannot Seem To Stop

I am beat.



Done in.

I have been at the canning jars again. I cannot seem to stop myself now that I have gotten on the canning jar express. Next stop Cantown.

I have been putting things like these…


And some of this


And a smidgeon of this…..


And more than my fair share of this…..


Along with a smattering of dill, some garlic, perhaps a hot pepper, some corn that was picked yesterday, red peppers from the garden and these…….
IMG_8596A The cucumbers from the farmers market

To produce………

IMG_8672A IMG_8684A  Oh I don’t want to wait the three weeks before I can open up the pickles. I want them NOW. And the corn relish…..


But the mess that is in the kitchen…….

IMG_8678A Well that is another matter entirely. Where are my minions when I need them.


  1. Minions are always scarce when the kitchen looks like a tornado hit it. They'll show up in 3 weeks for the pickles though.

    Good job!

  2. I would love to come "shopping" at your house. Your canned goodies have me green with envy!! I would even wash a pot or two. :)


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