Friday, August 13, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 81)

Greetings Earthlings. It is another volume of Quick Takes come to brighten your day. This week it is being hosted by Betty Beguiles. So click on the picture above to be whisked, faster than the speed of Captain James T. Kirk when he sees a beautiful alien, over there to read what the other Quick Takers have been doing.

Well, it is almost time for the youngest progeny to return to the halls of higher learning. It is hard to believe that means that summer is almost over, or at least what constitutes summer in my head. For some reason, even though “Fall” doesn’t officially start until the end of September my brain always things it starts after Labor Day. Most likely that is because the kids all go back to school.

And just to show you how weird my brain is. I have always had a “picture” in my brain of what the calendar year looks like. For as long as I can remember this is how I “see” the year. I have no idea how the image formed or why the months are spaced as they are but when I think about the calendar year this is the image that I work off of.
How Deb Sees the YearBNo one ever said that my brain functioned like normal individuals. I know that isn’t a surprise.


IMG_8336A Nature’s Bounty

IMG_8340A What happens when you are trying to carry Nature’s Bounty back into the house along with your camera and your steaming cup of The Elixir of Life.

Still no takers, or even lookers for that matter, for the house. I have to tell you that I would be totally and completely discouraged at this point if I thought it was just our house. However I know that in this area houses that are in our price point aren’t showing across the board.

I am not sure, on a day to day basis, what the Lord is trying to show us through all of this. I do think that it has been part of the process for both HHBL and I to let go of things. To pare down and simplify. I still have way too much stuff and when the time does come to move I don’t want to move as much stuff as I still seem to have.

So I am going through boxes that have been packed for the last 6 months and weeding out more stuff. And if we do end up taking the house off the market you can bet that there are going to be more things that are going to be going up on ebay or Craig’s list or whatever. I have learned, or am learning really, how little I really need in order to be satisfied.

Of course this doesn’t apply to yarn……but then you knew that.

I thought I might get through the whole school supplies buying season without succumbing to the temptation….

IMG_8249AI was wrong. But now I am happy after having bought post its that I surely don’t need and enough mechanical pencils to last the rest of my life.

Hey! I had a coupon OK.

So yesterday Shoe Queen and I were out doing some last minute errands before she goes back to school. She really needed another set of sheets and we knew that we could get the ones that she wanted at Target.
Go into store. Locate sheet sets.

Hey! They are on sale for $14.99. A “temporary price reduction” down from $19.99. Sweet!

So we put them in the cart and toddle up to the cashiers to pay…..and the sheets ring up at $19.99.

Ummmm, I believe that those sheets are on sale for $14.99.

Cashier looks at me, looks at register, re-scans them.

No, they are $19.99.

No they aren’t. They are on an endcap and the sign says $14.99.

So cashier calls the head cashier. Who looks at the scan, looks at me and tells me that they are $19.99.

No they aren’t, they are $14.99.

So she calls back with the little walkie talkie thing and has Vacant Head boy go to look.

Uhhhhhh, they are 19.99.

No. They. Aren’t. Here, I will meet him back there and SHOW him.

So I walk back to where Vacant Head boy is standing in front of an end cap where, yes, there are the sheets and the sign says $19.99.

No, you need to come down here.

And sure enough, there is the end cap and there are the sheets and there is the sign that says $14.99.

Uhhhhhhh, maybe it is because they are XL Twin sheets that the price is higher. And I don’t have the authority to change this.

I resisted the urge to dope slap him and had him get the manager who promptly walked back up to the register with me and gave me the sale price.

I love being right.

I toyed with getting up earlier than usual this morning to gaze at the Perseid Meteor shower, which is supposed to be fairly visible. I thought about it briefly. And then decided against getting up any earlier than my normal arising time which is 5am.

It was still PLENTY dark when I came downstairs and got the Elixir brewing so I went out and stood on the driveway. We live in the woods and therefore there are more than our fair share of trees. But there is an open patch in the front yard. So I turned off all the exterior lights and stood out there for a bit.

And I did see some shooting stars.

But then I got freaked out by the sounds in the woods. And the fact that Max was getting freaked out about the sounds in the woods. And how those sounds could possibly be deer…..or coyotes….or bears.

Don’t scoff at the bears thought. There have been several sightings of bears remember.

So I went back inside. I guess I am not meant to be an astronomer when I grow up.

I have had the song “Sadie, Sadie Married Lady” from Funny Girl stuck in my head for the last two days. Help me. It is really my own fault because I have been on a show tunes kick. I have a great fondness for show tunes, especially Rogers and Hammerstein musicals, of which Funny Girl is not one but still.

Sadie, Sadie married lady………..


Have a great week everyone. Listen to a show tune or two, eat some garden produce if you can. And if someone has some extra cucumbers……


  1. Congrats on the sheets :) Felt good, didn't it?

  2. OK, you made me laugh, especially with picture #2 on Nature's Bounty.

    Whether for the 'Greetings Earthlings', the pointy sticks, or the Elixir of Life, I think you just got a new subscriber.


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