Monday, August 9, 2010

Containers How I Love Thee

I am without inspiration today. My mojo has gone walkabout as the Australians would say. I just want to sit and watch movies, specifically musicals.

I love musicals. But that is for another post perhaps.

What does this have to do with the containers mentioned in the title. Something I am sure if I can get my brain back where I started when I sat down at the computer.

Oh yes, containers.

I love containers. They make me happy. I like to keep all sorts of things in containers and boxes and jars in my pantry. Others might just leave the elbow macaroni in the box in which it came but not me. I have to put it in another container. Same with the Jasmin rice.

I have always loved containers and boxes and all that kind of thing. And two of my favorite containers from my growing up years now reside in my pantry.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy I can tell you!

IMG_8243A First there is this one. I have no idea where it came from, Mimi is going to have to tell me. All I know is that it always resided in the pantry. And it always held the same thing. A package or two of chocolate chips. That is where they were kept.

IMG_8244A I knew if it was a very good day that I might be able to open the container quietly and surreptitiously and take out a few chocolate chips or perhaps the whole package. Mom won’t miss the fact that there is a whole package of chocolate chips missing right?

Children can convince themselves of anything. There is NO WAY that she ever figured it out.

Don’t tell her OK?

For many years this container has held those little muffin cup papers that you use when you make cupcakes and such. It is the perfect size. And then I don’t lose the containers of papers. That has happened before and I almost didn’t live through the experience.

Then there is this container.

IMG_8241A Please excuse the piles of garden produce that I couldn’t seem to crop out of the picture. I was in a hurry. And I really need to process some tomatoes.

At any rate. This container. I believe that it started out as one of those containers that come with cookies inside of it. That was before my time but there is a sticker on the bottom that makes me think it was. The sticker has the word “cookies” on it.

Not too many things get past me I will tell you.

IMG_8242A I am not sure about the ships on the box. They might be either Crusaders or Vikings. Neither group has a particularly good reputation. Perhaps the cookies were meant to conquer my ability to say no.

Or not.

What do you keep in this container Deb?

Well, you see, here in this household we tend to have a larger need for chocolate than when I was younger….
It just is. I seem to always need chocolate chips for something or other.

IMG_8246A We need LOTS of chocolate chips. If I am not careful we will soon on the show “Hoarding” because of the number of bags that I have in the pantry. But trust me I need them.

IMG_8247A Oh look, one of the bags is open? How did that happen? I had better close it up……..

After I have some that is. 


  1. Oooo I love your containers! And I love what's in them! :o)

  2. Regarding the larger of your containers shown in the blog....yes, it did come with cookies from a patient....way long ago. The cookies were in paper dividers and now that I think about it they were cookies like Maurice Lenell. But...when the cookies were gone, I kept sewing stuff in it. Then at some time in the containers future it went back to cookies....Christmas cookies. Then, somewhere along the way it jumped into your hands. I don't remember when...was it when you got married or before?


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