Friday, August 20, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 82)

Goodness how can it be Friday again. And, I am afraid to say, almost the end of August. Here we are again for Quick Takes. Don’t forget to click on the picture so that you can be teleported over to Conversion Diary to see what we have all been doing. I have to stop watching Star Trek.

I am obsessed by the “Users You Might Be Interested In” feature on Twitter. It intrigues me and I spend way too much time looking at who they would suggest.

I am fascinated by the suggestions themselves. I have to assume that they are based on what others whom I am following are following. Some of them are just wacky really. I do not believe that I have any desire to follow Betheny Frankel or Justin Beiber. His hair alone scares me.

The other thing that fascinates me is the Twitter accounts for famous people. Do any of us really think that the Dalai Lama is actually tweeting? I am not knocking the Dalai Lama I just don’t think that he carries his Blackberry around tweeting. Same for the President. Oh and Elizabeth Taylor too. This list could become endless.

Of course, occasionally I actually find someone that I know through this method…but not too often.
Seriously, I hang around on Twitter way too much. It feeds into my “Walter Mitty” tendencies. An unknown blogger living a glamorous life. Not.  I really should be cleaning the kitchen or something

IMG_2114A Oh lookee, lookee, lookee. Look what I picked yesterday. And let me tell you that if you are drooling at the picture you should see them in person. They are so much prettier. I will tell you all about it next week but let me assure you that it was a load of fun.

And then bees weren’t too bad either.

Yes, and regarding yesterday. This is what I did….

Up at 5a – COFFEE – picked up LookLeap at 7:45a – picked 4 pints of perfectly ripe raspberries from our local fruit dealer – also bought more peaches – also bought a dozen ears of corn – dropped LookLeap off at home – went to post office – went to library – stopped at yard sale (a really good one) – processed 9 containers of Raspberry Peach Jam – peeled, pitted and chopped 12 cups of peaches and put in freezer – ran to Dollar Store for more containers – made 6 containers of peach jam – cooked, cut and put in freezer 10 cups of corn – cleaned kitchen – collapsed on the floor in sheer exhaustion.

IMG_8451A But…….Yum.

One of the things I love about buying peaches at Monroe’s Orchard are these things…..

IMG_8453AI am obsessed with these kinds of containers. They are just cardboard after all. I have no idea why but I love them. It makes no sense at all. I want them and now I have a bunch of them.

Now I just need to decide what I can do with them.

But I am not getting rid of them.

I had a busy day yesterday as I might have mentioned above. And when I stopped at the yard sale I found these:
IMG_8454AI have no clue why but they just spoke to me. They demanded to be taken home and so I obliged. Actually the little crock pots are destined to have plants in them and I will be using the small pan so we will all be happy.

I almost didn’t stop at the sale, I rarely do. I really don’t need anything but I saw that there were boxes of books and I am always on the look out for knitting books so I stopped. It was obvious that the contents of a house were being sold, that the daughters were cleaning out the elderly father’s home. There was a steady stream of boxes being brought out and stuff being put out on tables. The old gentleman was sitting by several tables of tools, just waiting to sell them and wondering why they weren’t being snapped up. I heard one of his daughters tell him that the tools, “Will definitely sell Dad. It is just that there are mostly women here at the moment. Don’t worry. When the men come along they will sell.” It just made me sad.

Oh yes, and the bane of my existence right now is fruit flies. One would think that I am growing them for some horrible experiment. Where did they come from? Why must they bedevil me so. 

The bowl where I keep the tomatoes and peppers from the garden occasionally looks like the skies over O’Hare Airport with everyone hovering waiting for a place to land.

Tomorrow is Pilot Man’s 49th birthday. For once, I actually get to celebrate it with him, The Chef, The Nephew, The Parental Units, TMO and TSiL, Shoe Queen and who knows who else. I will take lots of pictures to regal you with next week. I can hardly wait. I love family gatherings.
It means there will be good food and perhaps a decent glass of wine.

Hmmmmm, we are partying at 11a. I think I can still have a glass of wine then don’t you think?

Happy Birthday Pilot Man!


  1. This morning Twitter suggested that I follow Barack Obama. I wish I could @reply Twitter and say, "NO THANK YOU."

  2. I have to agree....where do fruit flies come from? It is like one day no fruit flies, the next day they are everywhere. I loved your description of them hovering like aircraft at O'Hare by the way. :)

    Happy Birthday to Pilot Man. It has been a few years since I have seen 49...hope he enjoys the last year before hitting 50.


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