Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tomato, Tomahto

I think it is time for a garden update don’t you?

You do don’t you?

I mean, you do want to know what goes around here at Chez Knit and my daily struggle to find peace and harmony through the heavy use of pointy sticks and the Elixir of Life.

Hmmmm, rabbit trail there.

IMG_8290AIt was a tad foggy when LookLeap and I ventured forth to see what was worth picking.

IMG_8307AThere might have also been some weeding going on. But I was so busy taking pictures that I “somehow” managed to miss out. LookLeap just let me get away with it. She’s not the boss of me……most of the time.

IMG_8292The eggplant is growing great guns…but I think we won’t get much since these were planted so late.

Oh darn.

We didn’t know what they were when we planted them and neither one of us is all that excited about eggplant.

Just think of the next few pictures and vegetable porn. Make the kids leave the room.
IMG_8293A IMG_8297AIMG_8299AIMG_8315A IMG_8309A

But all is not well in some areas of the garden. No, we have had some issues. Some failures.
IMG_8308A It is all about the perspective don’t you know. These may end up being delicious but let me tell you they are really small at the moment and starting to get that veining that points toward maturity.

IMG_8319A There has been a fairly epic cucumber failure much to my dismay. I have never had it happen but this year……BUPKISS!

IMG_8310A Look! We are gardening in the Great Mohave Desert. Actually there is a section of the garden that has had great and swampy water issues. Issues not of our making I might add. We are talking to the people in charge of the community garden to see what can happen next year. Because of the, at times, standing water we have lost a number of plants.

Case in point……my jalapeno pepper plants.

IMG_8313AHe may look happy but he is not. These are just about the only peppers that have survived and the plant is essentially dead and has been for a while.

IMG_8311AThis fellow tried to escape…….but didn’t make it. His memorial service will be next week.

IMG_8331A And as I left, in the fog, my mind was on the next time that I could have a BLT with tomatoes from the garden and homemade bread……

Tomorrow I think.

And if I could make my own bacon I would. 



    You're welcome.

  2. Oooo, ahhh! Your veggies are scandalous!

  3. @Larissa!!! You so know I am going to try that.

  4. Aww, if you had been at my house this week you could have gone home with a box of tomatoes and cukes. Sadly I do not feel like canning this year and I've eaten cucumber slices in vinegar nearly every day for the past three weeks. Enufff!!!!

  5. We have a blossom on our egg plant! Maybe we should just fertilize the tar out of it.

  6. BLT on homemade bread? how long do you think it will take me to get there?

  7. I am SO very jealous of your garden. I wish I could have one so badly. Not only do I live on the side of a mountain (not quite, but it is the Piedmont), I'm surrounded by oak trees. There isn't an area of the yard that gets more than an hour of sun.

    Please say an extra prayer for me for the poor jalapeno that committed suicide.


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