Monday, October 3, 2011

Why Am I So Tired?

Why is it that when I take a trip, even a small one, the integration back into real life is so traumatic.

We were visiting the parental units/progeny/alma mater this weekend.

Not my alma mater, that would be Baylor University….

That good old Baylor Line.
That good old Baylor Line.
We’ll march forever down the years.
As long as stars shall shine…

Ummm, sorry.

We were visiting Valparaiso University where HHBL matriculated.

I love that word. Matriculated. It just rolls right off my tongue.

Maaaaatriiiiiculaaaaated. Go on, try it.

Ummm, sorry again. I digressed.

So, in no particular order, this past weekend we….

  • Ate
  • Bought yarn. Yarn diet? What yarn diet?
  • Went to a Wheaton College Artist Series concert: organ/Millar Brass
  • dropped my phone on the floor of Edman Chapel in the middle of the concert.
  • Ate some more
  • Took a small number of pictures.
  • Sat in the dark for 4 hours because the electricity was out. We actually had to talk to each other, we didn’t get to finish watching Hoarders and I got to play with the huge flashlight that Papa provided. I sat in bed, under the covers and read. It felt just like childhood.
  • Drank coffee
  • Drank wine
  • Made small talk with loads of people I didn’t know.
  • Ate even more
  • Found that the guy sitting next to me at a dinner I was attending for HHBL’s college reunion graduated from the same high school as I did and lived around the corner from me at one point. It is a small world.
  • Went to ANOTHER orchestra concert. I feel very cultured.
  • Had lunch at HHBL’s old frat house.
  • Went to brunch with the progeny and their “boys”
  • Laughed a lot.
  • Ate pork and chicken and beef and eggs and veggies and potatoes and bread and sausage and……
  • Walked a bazillion miles all over campus.
  • Listened to an Oompa band at Octoberfest
  • Ate an appetizer that I THOUGHT was bacon wrapped water chestnuts. But it turned out to be bacon wrapped around some form of liver. One of the most disappointing, and frankly just nauseating, moments in my life. Who does that to a perfectly respectable piece of bacon!
  • Bought another insulated coffee mug because, you know, you can never have enough of them.
  • Spent about 15 hours in the car.
  • Had cake and coffee cake.
  • played with 5 cats. Larry and Wendy actually have 6 cats but one decided to ignore us.

No wonder I am so tired. I think I need a nap


  1. "...dropped my phone on the floor of Edman Chapel in the middle of the concert."

    You did not! Oh how loud that must have been.

    "bacon wrapped around some form of live"


  2. oh my word, how many year has it been since I was in Edman Chapel?? at least 30. Scary.

    We also drove like mad this weekend-- I think we even did more than you. 18+ hours in the car to visit the Daughter in Seattle. You at least wrote a post today. I don't think I'll be recovered for at least a couple more days.


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