Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh! That Explains It.

I am over run by dog hair.

Dog hair elephants.

Dog hair mountains.

Herds of dog hair.

I can vacuum one day and by the next there are again piles of hair in the corners. Dog hair tumbleweeds slowly tumbling around in the kitchen.

Dog hair stuck to the corners of the cabinets blowing gently in the breeze as I walk by.

Dog hair everywhere.

Really, it does seem that Max the Wonder Dog has been shedding a whole lot more lately. I mean it is getting on towards winter and you would think that he would be retaining more of his already prodigious coat to keep him warm from the arctic blasts that we get here in The Frozen Northeast Ohio.

Why oh why am I so afflicted with a dog that sheds.

And then a thought popped into my head.

It happens occasionally.

All this hair shedding just isn’t normal. I mean Max sheds like no other dog in the universe but this is really just shedding on steroids……..

Shedding on steroids…..

Shedding on STEROIDS!!!!!!


You guessed faithful readers. When I employed the all powerful Swagbucks to do some searching on “dogs” + “prednisone” this is what I found.

Skin and Hair Coat Problems: Another side effect of prednisone use includes loss of hair coat and thinning of the dog's skin.


Now back to my twice daily vacuuming.

You know I am lying about the vacuuming don’t you?


You still love me don’t you Alpha Male?


  1. I have to admit, with Bailey gone the hair tumbleweeds are too and I don't miss them at all.

  2. Just getting started with that here. Chucky is still a pup, so many happy years of dog hair ahead... Just had him groomed for the first time today - sure hope he sheds a bit less. And Tramp 1 is going to get on a schedule with Chucky and the Furminator brush - or he can sleep in the dog house, too!!


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