Friday, October 21, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 138)


Good golly Miss Molly where has the time gone this week. Here we are again, gathered around our computer screens to partake of some Quick Takes. You know the routine. When you are done here click on the picture above to be whisked, at the of fast approaching Winter, over to Conversion Diary.

Now on to the blather………

I don’t mean to continue complaining about the weather but…..

It has rained ALL WEEK. Well except for Monday that is.

As of yesterday the Cleveland area annual rainfall stood at…..

Wait for it……

53.83 inches.

And that is just RAIN FALL. This is what the NOAA is predicting for precipitation Dec-Feb.

Winter weather copy

Wetter than we normally are? Really? We can get up to 125 inches of SNOW in a winter. Are they saying wetter than that cuz if they are then I need to make sure we pay the snow plow contract on time.

I have been obsessed all week with making Box Bags.



Totally and completely obsessed.

It is one of those things that points to a knitter. They have to have the right bag to hold a WIP (work in progress). I finally found a good tutorial on the internet that showed me how to make them.

Now I cannot stop.

Why did no one tell me about The Big Bang Theory.

Another thing to be obsessed about for the love of Peter Paul and Mary.

I have taken to watching YouTube clips of the show and haunting the cable channels to find re-runs.

HHBL doesn’t find it all that funny. But me??


And the really scary thing…..I know people like this.

HHBL and I are wondering how we are ever going to get all the leaves raked/blown up without killing ourselves. Because of all the rain that we have had the last two weeks almost all of the leaves have now fallen.

And we haven’t taken care of a single one.

Tomorrow is SUPPOSED to be half way nice and I am sure that we will get some of them done but leaves that are wet are such a pain to blow.

And we have so many leaves.

But I am very thankful that I got off my big fat bahookie and got all of the landscaping cleaned out and cut back while it was still nice. It would be an extra specially nasty day tomorrow if I had to do that as well.

Have you stopped by The 100 Days Cleanout yet?

Why not?

You really should.

I am actually having more fun than anyone should taking pictures of things that I am getting rid of and then writing about them.

A girl has to find her fun somehow, especially with the gloomy weather that has come to live here in the Frozen Northeast Ohio.

Shameless plug I know. I have absolutely no scruples.

Click on that link right now!

I can tell right now that it is gonna be an I Don’t Wanna! kind of day

I didn’t wanna get up.
I didn’t wanna take a walk this morning.
I didn’t wanna actually clean the bathroom.
I don’t wanna take the time to clean anything else today.
I don’t wanna do my bible study.
I don’t wanna work on my website. I want it to develop itself. 
I don’t wanna eat healthy. I want cupcakes all day.


And last, but certainly not least.

Welcome Home Matt Wilhoit!!!

Thank you for your service in Afghanistan these many months.

Matt is the son of my college roomie, and dearest friend, Susan. She who pointed me towards a life of organization when she looked at me, the first day that we lived together and said…

You WILL keep your side of the room neat. I cannot function in clutter.

I was afraid of her then. I did as she told me.

Many of us have been praying for Matt during his deployment as well as all the other Marines deployed with him. For their safety both physical and psychological.

I will admit that sometimes I am a prayer slacker. I hate that about myself. But I knew that I wanted to be consistent and faithful in praying for Matt. And so I asked the Lord to help me with this.

Just a word on that, be careful what you ask the Lord for. He ALWAYS answers your prayers, just not always in the way that you THINK he is going to.

I didn’t really get the pattern at first. I began to wake up regularly at 2:30a. I AM over 50 so sometimes I do wake up for, ummmmm, physical reasons. But not every night. That is until right around the time that Matt deployed. Then it was every night. Every night at 2:30a. And we all know how much I value my sleep!

And every time I woke up at 2:30a Matt was the first thing that popped into my head. Every single time. So I would spend a bit of time praying at 2:30a for Matt and his unit. But it took me a while before I actually saw the pattern.


I get it Lord. THIS is when I am going to be praying specifically for Matt. And I did.

Every night like clock work at 2:30a. Or should I say every morning.

That is until last week when…..I slept through the night.

And that was the day when I got an email from Susan telling me that Matt was out of harms way.

Don’t you just love the way the Lord works.


  1. #2 - Those are cool. It looks like a shaving kit bag for women. This is why you mourn giving away the zippers?

    #3 - You and Hubby. He feels the same exact way.

    #4 - Hire someone.

    #5 - Of course!

  2. As far as Big Bang Theory, I feel the same way. It just came on in syndication, I never watched it before, but Oh My Gravy! I love it... my DH doesn't see it. I think it hits too close to home for him! He says "OH, BOY, your new favorite show."
    -Jeanne G.

  3. Deb,

    I've loved you ever since we were 19 years old and college roommates...but I never knew how much I would appreciate you as a faithful prayer warrior until this season. You are a precious, precious friend :) Thank you for your countless 2:30am prayers for my kiddo. I have no doubt that Matt was protected because of your faithfulness.

  4. Love, the box bag, the new website (what a GREAT idea!), and most of all, your prayer-warrior ways.
    Honey, You are an amazing, wonderful woman!


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