Friday, October 28, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 139)


The days just fly by. And the leaves continue to fall. And Winter is just around the corner. So lets have fun and good times reading 7 Quick Takes! Remember the rules. You read my blather. Then you click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of my rising panic at the fast approaching holidays, over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else has been doing.

And now on with the blather!

I had a sleepless night Tuesday. Well actually I guess it was Wednesday. That doesn’t happen all that often, I can usually get to sleep without difficulty.

But not Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.

I laid in bed until around midnight and when I finally came to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to get to sleep I got up and came downstairs and spent a couple of hours reading and journaling. Finally back in bed at 2a and asleep some time after 2:30a. Oh that 5a alarm seemed really early. And yes, I did get up….but not until 5:45a.

When I have one of those sleepless episodes it just wipes me out for two days afterwards. You can bet your bottom dollar that I was in bed and asleep by 9p on Wednesday night.

Now that I am blogging over at The 100 Days Cleanout I seem to be finding more blogs that are based on 100 of something.

There is the guy who is wearing a different tie for 100 days and blogging about it.

There is 100 Days: One Pencil, One Photo Every Day

100 Portraits. 100 Days

100 Days of Real Food

The list just seems endless. But I haven’t yet found anyone doing 100 days of cleanout.


Does your local library system participate in Freegal? If they do then you need to use it. One of the excellent libraries in my area, my favorite as it happens, uses Freegal. I can certainly find three songs a week that I want to download….for FREE.

Did I mention that the songs were FREE.

Now not every song that I might want is available I am sorry to say. As yet Dynamite by Taio Cruz isn’t there (just a warning, the song that the link takes you to might have a bad word or two and scantily clad women). Nor is Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band. And they seem to have something against Darius Rucker.

But did I mention that the downloads are FREE.

The only thing is you only get 3 downloads a week. There have been many weeks when I don’t download anything. And then there was this week when I had a list of songs I finally figured out that I wanted…..but I could only download three.

But I have my ever expanding list on a post-it note all ready for next week.

I allow myself one SMALL REGULAR Coke a month.

I love Regular, full sugar, rot your teeth and send you into a sugar coma Coke. But if I am not careful I will end up drinking it every day.

So Wednesday, the day that I was really in a funk and sleep deprived and wrestling with a bunch of issues I decided that it would be my Small Coke Day.

It is sad that I anticipate this so much.

So I go through the McD’s drive through. I get my coke. I go home, full of anticipation that I would sip my Coke, have some lunch and try to lift my mood.

And when I got home and took the first sip.

It was warm.

And it was flat.

Some days a girl just can’t win.

I made Monkey Bread yesterday. A recipe that I found on one of my favorite blogs, Taking On Magazines One Recipe At A Time.

Oh we are in so much trouble. I served it for dinner last night. We ate a bunch of it. It is like peanuts, you just keep eating a piece at a time.

And then today the trend continues. Those little nuggets of cinnamony, orangey, doughy goodness go so well with coffee.

Or just by themselves.

I predict that the entire batch, something approximately the size of an entire bundt cake, will be gone by tomorrow.


I am definitely going to need to up the physical exercise to get rid of all of these calories. And yes Christiane, I know it came from Cooking Light but I don’t think they expected that two people would eat the whole thing in a 24 hour period.

In the spirit of continuing to clean out and pare down I am thinking about participating in Project 333. I hadn’t ever heard about this until Rachael Herron mentioned it on her blog, Yarnagogo.

I may have lost my mind on this one.

I am still thinking about it.

Has anyone else done this? And if you have what did you think about it, feel about it?

This World Series has been a great one to watch. I have vacillated on which team I want to win the whole enchilada. I like the Cards. And they have worked VERY HARD to be here, having been 10 1/2 games back in August and managed to clinch a wild card spot on the last day.

And then there are the Texas Rangers who have never won the World Series. And I went to school in Texas.

And last night’s game. Wow. Good Golly. Texas, one out away from winning it all. And then….

Texas pitcher Mark Lowe had what we here in Cleveland would call a “Jose Mesa Moment” and watched as David Freese hits a walk off homer in the 11th.

We do not speak of that 1997 World Series game. Tears were shed.


  1. Ah, McD's Coke (and Diet Coke). It's different than any other Coke, no? There is nothing like a McD's Coke product. (When it's not flat and warm.)

  2. I heard about project 333 recently, too. It's a bit too stick-up-your-butt strict for my taste, but I do very much like the idea of boxing up all the stuff at the back of your closet, bottom of your drawers, etc, and seeing if you even notice it's gone. I'm pretty sure I won't. That could be the first step of getting rid of much stuff.

    We turned on the game last night after seeing online that the Rangers were up by 2 (or 3?) and it was the 8th inning-- I like to watch them celebrate. What a great game!! Now I'm excited to watch tonight. I don't really care who wins, I just like to watch baseball at the end of the season.

    I think under similar circumstances, I might have gotten back in the car and driven back out to get my Coke. (except it would have been Diet Dr Pepper for me.)

  3. I'm a master sleeper and sleepless nights are very rare. So, when they come, I just embrace them. I get up and get productive. It's like an extra gift of time. I kind of like it.


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