Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Of Course Housewives Sit Around and Eat Bon Bons.

There is a reason that I do not have a long, well reasoned and insightful post for you today.

Three loads of laundry.

Kitchen towels hung out to dry

Shop vac all the spider webs and spiders off the outside garage wall.

Shop vac all the spider webs and spiders inside the garage.

Sweep out the garage.

Rearrange the garage.

Clean the grill. It was REALLY dirty.

Cover grill and make ready for winter.

Repot some cuttings from houseplants.

Clean the kitchen.

Scrub all garden clogs and put away for the winter.

Sweep the deck, several times. Darn leaves.

Replace septic tank motor filter.

Scream when opening above motor cover and finding very long snake skin that had been sloughed off at some time.

Step in dog poop.

Clean non gardening clogs.

Wash front door and surround (I already vacuumed up all the spiders on Sunday).

I just didn’t have time for blogging today.


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