Monday, October 31, 2011

Hard Frost

Winter is fast approaching. The days are shorter and definitely darker.

Oh it is hard to get out of bed in the morning at 5a. I am stretching it to 5:30a. Not good. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

And we have finally had a really hard frost that pretty much killed off everything that was tender.


The begonias are all bedraggled and wilty. They took so long to really fill out and look lovely. So sad. See the little green shoot down at the bottom of the picture.

Self-seeded pansy.


I had pulled up almost all of the impatiens several weeks ago during The Great Fall Cleanout. I left this little one because it was a self-seeded one and I still don’t know how it ended up in this particular container.

But now it is dead.


Leaves all covered with frost are so lovely.

Except when you have to blow them off the lawn.

But I won’t think about that right now.


I am telling you, pansies are a hardy plant indeed. This is another volunteer that ended up in the other pot of begonias. It is happy as a clam with the frost.


And because this is Chez Knit and nothing is every just boring and ho hum.

My Nellie Moser clematis decided to bloom in the fall instead of being the first one to bloom in the spring.

To quote Forrest Gump…

You just never know what you’re gonna get.


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