Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stream of Thought. Otherwise Known as I Have Nothing Really To Say.

It is Wednesday.

It is gloomy and rainy.

I have absolutely nothing to write about. the screen is blank except for this drivel.

I have writers block and I am not even a writer. Maybe yesterday’s long post sucked all the blogginess right out of me.

I need more coffee in a really bad way.

I have a “to do” list that is a mile long and none of it is going to get “too done” today.

I had lunch at McDonald’s today. And I am ashamed that I gave in. But it was only a chicken snack wrap, small fries and a small Coke (regular NOT diet).

I am restless and unable to finish a project. Unlike yesterday where I was a project finishing whirlwind.

And I am going to a meeting tonight where I can’t take my knitting. Rats. My knitting helps me concentrate on what others are saying, it keeps my hands busy. But crazy as it seems to me, sometimes others interpret knitting as not paying attention……they are not knitters.

My desk is a mess.

I bought post-it notes this week. I do not need any post-it notes. I have enough post-it notes to last me…….FOREVER. But they were on sale and they spoke to me and I could not resist.

I still haven’t vacuumed upstairs this week.

Or cleaned the bathroom.

Or washed the kitchen floor.

Oh heck, who needs to wash the kitchen floor. The dog licks it clean for me.

My sweater is all stretched out of shape and needs to be washed and reblocked and that is a pain.

For a while there this afternoon my phone wasn’t receiving txt messages or calls. A short panicky time ensued.

I am obsessed with making Box Bags. More on that later.

I KNEW I was going to need that bag of zippers that I cleaned out earlier in the year!

I forgot to put bird seed in the feeders….for a week…..and the birds have all deserted me.

I made chocolate cupcakes yesterday and they are taunting me.

I am done now.

And I am sure that all of you are thanking your lucky stars for that.


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