Friday, September 30, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 135)


Yipee!!! It is Friday and I have actually found 7 things to blather about. You know the rules. After partaking of my blather you click on the pic above to be whisked, at the speed of Herman Cain’s rising pole numbers, over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else is doing.

And now the blather blather blather.

I am going to rant a minute so be prepared. At the present moment I am not happy with my browser, Firefox. Not that they care one little bit about that but I am frustrated. They nag me and nag me and nag me about installing the latest update. And when I do I find that my Google toolbar is not compatible with this latest update.

I. Need. My. Google. Tool. Bar.

I used it all the time. And it is not there. And I am bereft.

Grrrrrrrrrrr. Get it together Firefox!

This is my old high school

Wheaton Central High School

We were the Tigers. I think I still have a pin or two and some other memorabilia hanging around somewhere with the Tigers logo.

Why am I posting this picture you are asking yourself.

Because soon, it will be no more. Soon, it will be torn down and a food market of some kind will be put up in it’s place. Granted, it hasn’t been a high school for a while now. They switched it to being a middle school for a number of years and then closed it altogether. But it will always be Wheaton Central High School to me.

I am sad.

I was a bad girl yesterday.

I broke my yarn diet. I had been so good. Really I had.


And then, well……

I knew that there was a yarn shop that I hadn’t visited in the town where I was born. And we were visiting said town. And I really thought that it was my duty to just stop in there to see, just to look, just to browse and pet the yarn.

Serious knitters pet the yarn. Did you know that. You have to run your hand across it and see what it feels like and pick it up and look at it, and think about it, and pet it some more.

Mimi didn’t think that this place had a lot of yarn. But she hadn’t been in there for a while.

She was wrong.

A WALL full of Cascade 220. Cubbies and cubbies FULL of sock yarn. Cubbies full of lace yarn. An entire store full of yarn.

Oh help me.

And I bought two skeins of sock yarn. Just two mind you.

We all have to break our diets every once in a while you know.

We are having lunch today with Slim Jim, Shoe Queen and Slim Jim’s mom, The College Professor.

And I am unaccountably nervous for some unknown reason.

Which is perfectly ridiculous.


And maybe she is nervous about meeting us. I will hope so because I am nervous about meeting her. Which is ridiculous because they aren’t getting married for Pete’s sake! They are just dating.

Oh put on your big girl panties Deb and get over it!

Just to let you know. Because I don’t have enough to do.

Starting next week sometime you will have another blog to watch and stalk.

The 100 Days of Cleanout will be going live on Thursday morning.

There isn’t anything there yet. Just an empty blog waiting to be filled.

So come on over to The 100 Days of Cleanout and see what it is all about.

But don’t come until Thursday.

But please stop by and comment and tell me what you are going to clean out. If enough people are interested we can do a blog carnival. But I am not going to think about that yet.

As just a “teaser” for more Pictures From The Crypt I give you……
Deb curpboard Chicago apartment

Was I trying to imitate a beaver? Evidently my favorite thing to do at this age was to re-arrange this cabinet.

And I seem to have gotten a late start in the hair department.

We have been looking at slides. Oh there are some DOOZIES I can tell you. I can hardly wait.

By the time I finally get these Quick Takes published it will be way later than I had intended. I had meant to write them all last night. To be all witty and pithy as I usually am.

But then the power went out.

We are actually at the home of the Parental Units and we were happily having a glass of wine and watching “Hoarders” when ZAP POP ZZZZZZZZZ Off On Off On Off! The power went out.

And stayed out. For 3 hours. And by then I just wasn’t going to sit down and write these out.

So I am a bit late.

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  1. I have no idea what the last 5 blatherings are about.

    They're taking down our school??? I had no idea. I'm so sad. Seriously. Lowell, Franklin, Central. My schools. :(


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