Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This Isn’t The Post You Are Looking For

I had something totally different in mind for today. This isn’t that post.

That post, telling you all about our annual visit to the fair, will come tomorrow I believe. I have to sit down and edit the pictures. That is really why I don’t have the “Fair and Cow Butts” post all done. It is because I have set myself the challenge of shooting only in RAW for the moment and that just adds some extra editing time.

Not that I am a perfectionist and overly competitive or anything.

Cuz I am not.

Really, I am not.

STOP that sniggering in the back there.

You see, when we have a holiday on a Monday it just messes up the entire rest of my week. I won’t know what day it is for a bit. Because Monday seemed like Sunday and Sunday seemed like Sunday too. So I end up doing my Monday errands now on Tuesday this week and everything is backwards.

And I just need a glass of wine and a good lie down.

Ummmm, where was I?

Oh yes.

So, I did my normal errands on Tuesday instead of Monday.

My day went something like this……..

Garden: to harvest the BEANSBEANSBEANS (we have so many) and tomatoes and beets (which I will be pickling and canning tomorrow). Thought about picking more basil, there is so much. But talked myself out of the thought.

Walgreens: to redeem a rain check for the Domino Sugar special they had last week but didn’t have any packages of sugar to sell cuz corporate didn’t send any. Aaaaaaaand the shelf was still empty.

Post Office: where I got there 5 minutes early (they open at 8:30a) so had to stand there and try not to make eye contact with anyone cuz that would then mean I might have to talk to them and all that.

Wally Mart: I needed to stock up on these things
31 TB1xsxVL._SL500_AA300_

These storage caps are the best thing ever and I never seem to have enough of them because I use a lot of mason jars for storing things like beans and oat bran and stuff. And the only time of the year that you can find them is right now. Oh and Max needed dog food.

Grocery store: where I did my weekly shopping. They were having a great sale on Hershey’s candy bar packs AND I had a fabulous coupon BUT someone had cleaned out the shelf of course. GRRRRRRRR. There was a very slow line at Customer service so I didn’t get a rain check there. Am nearly run down by an older gentleman using one of the electric carts that the store provides. He was going fast enough down the aisle that his thin and wispy hair was blowing in the breeze.

Local whole foods store: I needed coffee beans for the morning elixir. It is VERY BAD INDEED to run out. And I also needed a few more beets for the pickling and they had a sale. Plus I just love the smell in that store.

Second Walgreens: Where again they did not have any of the Domino’s Sugar. The clerk reminded me that the rain check lasts forever. I wanted to say, “Yes, I know but my coupons that go WITH the rain check don’t”. But I refrained. Walking out trying to remind myself that it is never a good idea to verbally abuse the clerk.

Another grocery store: where THAT shelf was also devoid of Hershey candy bars. It is most likely the Girl Scouts anticipating S’mores. But I did get a rain check this time.

Home around 11:30a.

Unpack all groceries and put stuff away.

Steam and peel all the beets in preparation for pickling and canning.

Go over to LookLeap’s house, 300 feet down the road, to show her how I make Tomato sauce. We had to open that bottle of red wine anyways to put some in the sauce so we had a glass to make sure that it was good enough to cook with. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

First Vet Interaction of the Week: Talk to the vet, Dr. Jeremy, as I am walking home. Explaining that those gold plated pills Max is taking don’t seem to be knocking out the nasal infection from H***. I am tired of the dog sneezing on the floor/walls/floor/carpet/my feet/anything in his path.

Take the dog to the vet for an impromptu visit with Dr. Jeremy and more medicine.

Finally home for the day at 4:30p.

I am just too tired to edit pictures. Or pickle the beets. Or make the Peach Preserves. Or blanch and freeze the green beans. Or finish the laundry.

Maybe tomorrow.


  1. When I was making my own hand and body creams to sell I ordered a BOX {like you featured here} of these lids for the small mouth jars online. I was unable to find them in the stores at the time. They sent me a CASE for the large mouth. I called and told them what they had done ~ they said their error, keep them and they would send me my original order. A few days later...another CASE of small mouth lids came...again I called and told them "just ordered a BOX folks". Their reply ~ keep them, our error. I ended up with 12 boxes of large mouth and 12 boxes of small mouth after ordering 1 box. I don't think I will ever have to buy another plastic lid. Good thing cause I love them. Keep the flat insert from the metal rings and put inside these lids to make them leak proof if you want to store liquids. :)

  2. you can go about your business.

    Move along... move along.

    (sorry the title got me started)

    I always am awed and envious by people who can and pickle. can do neither.


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