Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gardening is Hard (Part Deux)

Here at Chez Knit it is clean out the garden and landscaping time. Otherwise known as, “Oh My Achin’ Back!”

Sometimes things happen in the garden. Hard things.

There has been a gnome accident in the back garden.


I picked him up from where he had been living all summer long, happily under the Hosta over by the bird bath. And his foot came off. It was most startling.

It has yet to be determined as to whether he will become a permanent amputee or if I will try to repair him. His time in the garden may be at an end. But do not fear. There are other gnomes that will step into the gap and take up the slack.

Since the sky wasn’t leaking at the time I went out to take the picture of Mr. Gnome I decided to wander around the yard for a bit, very carefully looking where I was stepping. And then I became enamored with looking at the different fungi that are cropping up around the yard.


I do not know what the heck those things are but I am totally fascinated by them.

And to top it all off and continuing in the sort of “limbs are broken or don’t work” theme that I started this rambling post out with…..

Max the Wonder Dog is limping.


I am sorry Alpha Male.

We have no idea what could have happened between last night, when he was not limping, and this morning when he was. I have determined that it is his right front paw that he is favoring. I have checked the paw for obvious signs of a thorn or a cut and I don’t see anything. He isn’t crying out in pain and he will run if he chooses to. Just say the word “mail” and he is ready to go. But he is definitely limping. We will wait a day or two and just observe. I have really had enough of the vet for the moment.


I am pitiful and I need another dog treat.



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