Friday, September 23, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 134)


Well here we are again for another Quick Takes. How time doth fly. Remember, when you are done reading my nuggets of goodness be sure to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of the rapidly approaching storm, over to Conversion Diary to see what the others have been up to.

And now on to the nuggets!

Guess what it has done most of the week?

Come on. Guess.

Fine, it has rained. I KNOW! What a surprise! Tech Guy told LookLeap who told me that we have had 50 inches of rain this summer.

50 inches.

I am sorry to those who are in Texas and who would like some of that rain. If it was in my power I would send some to you. We have PLENTY. The garden was very squishy yesterday.

And it just makes me a tad nervous thinking about what the winter snow total will be if the summer has been so wet.

Max the Wonder Dog has developed a mysterious limp.

Seriously he has. Tuesday night he was just fine. Wednesday morning he gets up and is limping.

Yesterday was his last day on the gold plated snot medicine and maybe he thought that he should hedge his bets and find something else to be sick with.

Sigh. He did seem a bit better yesterday. He isn’t crying out with pain and he can run like crazy if you tell him we are going to get the mail



I would just like to go one week without having to think about taking him to see Dr. Jeremy, much as we like Dr. Jeremy. By now I think that we have funded at least one of his children’s college funds.

I am getting ready to start a bit of a project here at Chez Knit.

I am calling it “100 Days of Clean Out”. The premise is that I have to spend the next 100 days (or whenever I start the project) cleaning out and removing from Chez Knit at least one thing a day. When I have it all fleshed out I will give you all the details. HHBL and I are determined that when the time comes for us to move that we aren’t moving anything that we aren’t using (for the most part). Even though we have cleaned out a boat load of stuff there are still things that keep appearing. They are breeding in some remote part of the house I am convinced.

I am actually thinking to give this project it’s own blog. That way I can post pictures and commentary about what I am cleaning out.

Cuz you know I don’t have enough things to do during the day.


I woke up on Wednesday to find that Facebook had again changed everything around and I didn’t know where anything was and my News Feed was all wonky and I was all,


I seemed to be speaking all in capitals for a time.

And then I got a grip on myself.

Yes they can change whatever they want whenever they want. Facebook  is a FREE service. I make the choice to use it. And I needed to stop the automatic whining and see if I actually liked it rather than get my panties in a wad about something that I really don’t pay for.

Put on your big girl panties Deb and work with the new interface for a bit. And I have to say that it isn’t all that bad. Like anything it just takes some getting used to.

I lead such a boring life that changes in Facebook can screw up my day. Sad.

Today was the day that HHBL and I had penciled in for our long ride (25+ miles) on The Towpath Trail.

We have done the ride before and it was a bunch of fun. Who wouldn’t like to take a bike ride on FLAT paths amid beautiful scenery with the promise of a train ride at the end. I have been looking forward to it for several weeks.

But we have been stymied by the weather daggnabit!


This is what we are dealing with today. Big blobs of green/yellow/red are not compatible with a pleasant biking experience. Oh HHBL would ride rain or shine that is a given. But I am being a wussy pants about riding in the rain and wind.

But since HHBL has sweetly blocked out this day as my day then we will do something else like perhaps go to the West Side Market. If we get there at the right time we can have lunch at the gyros place.


But I am disappointed about the bike ride.

This next one is for those who like knitting. Oh come on you know you all do you just aren’t willing to admit it.

KnittingKnoobie has reminded me that next weekend is the start of Socktoberfest. Yikes I totally forgot!! 

I must plan.

I must prepare.

But I think I am only going to set my sights on knitting one pair of socks for the yearly event, unlike some who try for a pair a week. I did that one year and that is a lot of sock output even for me. I have other things that must be knit for other projects (family Christmas stockings which take a boatload of time) that need some time from me. And I did make three pair of socks over the summer for Summer of Socks.

But we all know how much I love knitting socks. It may actually call for a trip to purchase some special sock yarn. Yes I know I am on a yarn diet but this is something special that doesn’t fall under the edict that I must not buy any yarn and must use only stash for a while.

This is important!

This is my new daily mantra.

“I love everything!”


  1. I like the 100 days of cleanout. I will follow along with interest looking for inspiration. I go in spurts on getting rid of stuff, but one thing a day sounds manageable. I'd be fine with it being in this blog, but since I have four blogs myself (only one of which is in use at the moment), I can understand the urge to separate things out.

    Hope Max is 100% soon!

  2. Yarn diet be damned! It's socktober, after all!


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