Monday, September 12, 2011

The Fondue Coma of Monday

I had other plans for the Monday post.

Big plans.

Erudite plans.

Ain’t gonna happen. Sorry.

You see, we went to a surprise birthday party last night for LookLeap.

It was the birthday that falls after 49 and before 51. You can do the math on that.

The Tech Guy made arrangements for 16 of us to surprise her at one of her favorite restaurants, The Melting Pot.

That would be a fondue restaurant.

And I am sorry to say that I am still suffering from a fondue coma. A serious thing to be sure. And if you could see all that we ate last night you would understand.

I have the pictures to prove it, having been the “official photographer”. And I am sure that later in the week I will tell you all about it, after I have edited the pictures.

But I just don’t have the energy to look at the pictures. I barely had the energy this morning to go to the grocery store and make a second pot of coffee.

My “elixir of life” FB/Twitter post for this morning might give you an idea of how I was feeling.

I ate my weight in fondue.
And bid my waistline adieu.
This morning food I'll eschew.
With coffee I will survive.

I am sure that I will be back tomorrow with something pithy and erudite.

But until then I am just going to go back to digesting the incredible amounts of food I ingested.

Who knew you could dip Rice Krispy treats in chocolate!!!

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  1. I loved your poem this morning! Oh, and the night was pretty fantastic too. Thanks SO much for taking the pictures.

    And as far as eating goes, except for a bowl of cereal in the early afternoon, I haven't had anything all day. My brother-in-law (Ross) calls it "pythoning."


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