Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Labor of Cow Butts

Ah Labor Day weekend. You have come and gone for another year leaving only memories and extra pounds on my already ample hips because of all the “Fair food” that I ingested.

And the people! And the weather! And the cow butts!

Lets see how the day went.

I first have to tell you that the weather wasn’t all that good. The minute I stepped out of the car the rain started. And even though the thermometer had said to me that it was 68F outside it didn’t feel like that. The thermometer didn’t tell me anything about the wind. How rude. But we persevered onwards after parking our car in the high school parking lot and handing the cheerleaders our $3.


As usual we started with the buildings that have all the things like baked goods and veggies and bees. I am sure that the baked goods were very tasty last Wednesday when every entry had to be turned in. On Labor Day……I am not sure even the pigs in the swine barn would eat these.


There is one in every crowd. And usually it is the crowd that I am in.


Oh sir, why oh why did you dress this way. And the tattoo! Any closer of a picture and this would no longer be a family friendly blog.

And then it was on to the animal barns. And for some reason TMO and TSiL didn’t seem to want to hang with us. Was it something we said. Was it perhaps the pictures that I was taking?


Gnarly turkey butts.


The goat did not want to go quietly that is for sure.


I can’t help it if all the animals are pointing their posteriors at me! If they would turn around and look at me I would, probably, take a picture of the front end.

Sir Lambsalot

Look! It’s Sir Lambsalot.

Sorry, I just had to say it.


Of course we had to check out the Poultry barn where HHBL has to walk around and see if he can get as many roosters as possible to crow at him. It is his favorite part of the fair. Well almost favorite.


Someone seems to have laid an egg.


You know, watching this pig eat marshmallows got me to thinking. How does it sound to have S’mores with a slice of nice crispy bacon in them. I am thinking this is a definite possibility. The salty with the sweet?


Of course there are always a boat load of kids at the fair. And they all seemed to be in Crocs or boots. Of course it was cold and windy so I guess that makes sense.

And then, after we had gone through all the animal barns and looked at as many cows and pigs and horses and goats and rabbits and chickens and turkeys and llamas and alpacas as we could it was time for the annual fried food extravaganza.



Onion Rings!




4H milkshakes!

Hey Pilot Man. I am thinking that these would be a very interesting idea for after you are done deep frying the turkey.


MMMM, Deep Fried Pickles.


Before we left I had to check out the fabulous Estonian wrap that my Knit Sib Larissa entered in the fair. The thing is a work of art and she was robbed. The woman who ALWAYS wins the blue ribbon won again this year. It’s a racket I tell ya.

And finally we had consumed fatty food and bought books at the Book Barn and it was time to go home. Where we collapsed in heaps and watched TV.

And didn’t eat another thing for the rest of the evening.



  1. And I think you should win the blog ribbon for the "most unusual and weird" photos! roflol

    (Wish I could see that guy's tattoo...)

  2. well, I could tell what that tattoo is, and I'm glad you didn't zoom in.

    Fortunately our fair was before I got lectured about my cholesterol, so I got to enjoy my fatty foods in peace. The milkshake looks especially amazing.

  3. I haven't seen that many critter butts in a long, long time. I probably could have gone longer too. Now that Barb said she could make out the tattoo, I need to go back and try harder. See ya.

  4. That woman must have a relative on the judges committee. I, too, was robbed of a blue ribbon for a Fair Isle vest (think Starmore) - it went to a woman who I was told that is always winning blue ribbons for plain, old boring stuff.


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