Sunday, October 18, 2009

You Found Me How?

Oh yes, every once in a while I go to my stats program and indulge in looking through the "keyword search and analysis" feature to see how people are arriving here at Chez Knitter. I am always amazed at what people type into their search engines that bring them here. Imagine their surprise when they typed in an innocent phrase and ended up here.

1. knitting on vacation cartoon: I was unaware that there were even cartoons on knitting on vacation. Is that something that should be held up to vacational ridicule? Knitting on vacation is serious I tell you. Women who regularly use pointy sticks should be left in peace when vacationing.

2. pig butts: First of all, why were you looking for pictures of pig butts? I might, just might have mentioned them here but there was a good reason for it I tell you.

3. Uganda knitting: Well, you have to go to the second page of the Google search to find where my blog shows up. Good for you that you made it that far but what were you looking for?

4. Can I bring my knitting to a baseball game: the answer to that is yes. Why would you want to go there without your knitting? In fact, why would you want to go anywhere without your knitting. Believe I know. There have been several times recently when I would have killed to have my knitting with me.

5. american gothic tennis racket: OK, I am just trying to figure out what they were looking for here. Old tennis racket? Goth tennis racket? Do those who claim to be "goth" even care for tennis rackets?

6. cooking goddess: well yes I am. Thank you very much

7. pitures of cow butts: First off, yes I know that pictures is spelled wrong but that is how they spelled it. Again, buddy why are you looking for pictures of cow butts. Just because I posted them doesn't mean you should be looking for them.

8. nayadic alarm: the poor person who typed in these fateful words got not one but two posts on our lovely septic system. Our Nayadic Waste Water Treatment plant.

9. vacuum cleaner dejection of dog: I just don't know what to say. Is the dog dejected that he isn't being vacuumed? Is the vacuum cleaner dejected that the dog doesn't like it? The mind boggles.

Well, I think that about covers it for the moment. Tune in next time as we wonder why people type in these crazy phrases into their search engines.

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  1. oh my gosh, I want to look at mine now! I have animal butts on mine....

    I was wondering why you didn't have all the goth tennis rackets I've been looking for.


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