Friday, October 9, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 42)

Even though Jen over at ConversionDiary is taking a week break from her computer and isn't hosting Quick Takes this week I am still keeping up with the habit that I now have established. I don't think I can stop it. Help me.

SO here are my quick takes for the week. Yeah!

OK readers, I have to make a decision on this Twitter thing once and for all. I keep having people ask me if I "tweet". The first response that I always want to come out with is, "Do I look like a bird to you?" but I usually restrain myself. I don't know, I don't know, I don't know what to do. I am having a crisis of tweeting here at Chez Knitter and I just can't decide. I mean, does anyone really want to know what I do on a minute to minute basis in 140 characters or less? Sometime I don't even want to know what I do all day. Why would anyone else.

Give me your thoughts please.

Hello, hello

tapping on screen

Is anyone out there?

My dryer quit yesterday. Sigh. Thank goodness I didn't have a big load of laundry sitting in the washer. I only had one little thing to dry. I take it out of the washer, I fling it into the dryer, I throw in the dryer sheet, I turn the knob to the time to dry, I push the START button......

and nothing happens.

So I do what we all do in this situation. I push the button again.

Like pushing it 20 times is going to change the outcome. Hope springs eternal but in this situation it springs eternal for someone else.

So I made an appointment for the repair man to come out. And it is $129 just for him to grace me with his presence. And any parts are "extra cost". And he can't come until MONDAY. I had better hope that I don't have to wash anything until then.

Did you hear??? They are going to stop publishing Gourmet Magazine. Oh, I am so sad.

I will confess that I no longer get Gourmet, that it has been a number of years since it has come to my door but it was the magazine that I cut my "cooking" teeth with and it still holds an affectionate place in my heart.

When I was newly married and had a rather limited cooking repertoire I would read that thing cover to cover and wonder which of the recipes I could actually produce. Not many I can tell you because I had fairly basic cooking skills. I read the articles about far away places and far away foods and dreamed.

Now the dream is gone, and I am a fairly good cook (yes I will soon start putting recipes up here) but I still will miss Gourmet Magazine and all in represented to me.

You know what time of the year it is? It is baseball post season time and that means.....that I have the TV on for many unnecessary hours in the day so that I can watch all the post season games. I never have the TV on during the day, I have too many other things to do and there really isn't anything that I would care to watch (having conquered my soap opera addiction 15 years ago). But the post-season is a different batter, I mean matter. Being a Cleveland Indians fan is difficult this year (and most years) but that doesn't kill my love for baseball.

I watched part or all of three baseball games yesterday AND three the day before. Joy!

Have you ever noticed that every house has a smell and that if you move from one house to another the smell seems to go with you? My current house smells like my last house. My parents house has smelled the same for as long as I can remember. My homes always smelled the same even though they moved. How is that possible.

Of course my house has an underlying garlic smell today because I made Penne with Gorgonzola sauce last night for dinner and it has a full compliment of fresh garlic in it. But underlying that smell is the smell of my house.

The dog has a cold.

That is never a good experience around here. Max, as we all know, is a large dog. He weighs 74.3 pounds to be exact. Large dog = large head = large nasal cavities = large amount of dog snot. You see where I am going with this don't you.

Right now he just sounds a tad congested but when he gears up to sneeze I run into the next county because a good sneeze from the animal brings a good amount of dog snot (sorry, I said snot) and that snot has to go somewhere and usually it is outward in a projectile like nature. Not a pretty picture.

I can handle cleaning up dog snot, and for the most part he takes care of that himself. I just gagged a bit there. But what I can't stand is if the snot that needs to be taken care of is on my person. Yuch. He will be taking his antihistamine for the next few days. Now if I could only get him to use a kleenex.

OH....My....Word. I just checked my stat counter. Guys what did I do that produced 115 visitors yesterday and how do I replicate it?

I just sat here and looked at that number for a minute because I didn't believe it. Now we all know that I am a small time blogger, a minnow, a tad pole, a plankton it the blog ocean. Look at Pioneer Woman, who gets 10 MILLION hits (or more) a month. Of course she has a nicer website than I do and perhaps a more interesting life on the ranch. But to me 115 visitors is an amazing thing.

Thank you to whoever came to visit. Comment! I love comments, I live for comments. They complete me......well not really, that is HHBL's job. But it sounded good when I wrote it.

Have a great day all. And if you live in my area, Noah will be by to pick you up pretty soon.


  1. 115 visitors?! Good job! My high is about 85, and I was THUH-RILLED with it. 115 would knock my socks off.

    I'm on twitter. But not for much purpose. Here's how it goes:I get an email that says I have a new follower once every 6 weeks or so. I go post a tweet. Then wait 6weeks to do it again. It's sad, really. I just can't get into it!

  2. I'm not on Twitter. I could so go there but for now I'm not. I have so many 'distractions' from what I need to do on a given day as it is...I love blogging and already spend probably too much time with that. Plus...I'm not entirely comfortable with the whole privacy thing and Twitter...blogging already feels like too much is out there sometimes. In addition to all that you maybe can tell from this comment that I'm way too wordy for Twitter. 140 characters? This comment is probably more than that!

  3. I think Twitter is dumb. If you join, I will not follow you. Not becasue I don't love you but because I don't love Twitter. People ask me all the time to join. What would I blog about if I shared my thought and feelings all day long?

    I didn't know you were a baseball lover too! Miss DebbieQ, you and I are very similar!

    Your 115 visitors picked a great day to visit. Yesterday was hilarious. You should be on Wordpress so you can see where they came from. Wordpress has EXCELLENT stats.

  4. I would say forget twitter Deb--you have enough to do--even I have enough to do without twitter and I don't even blog. But I do read a few flogs--wouldn't miss yours! And when you do Facebook--isn't that enough! One could spend literally hours on Facebook--I don't though.

  5. I have a feeling your blog yesterday did so well because people were forwarding to all their friends. I think we all can relate to a day like that. (And in a demented way, we all love hearing that someone else has days like that too.)

    I felt so guilty for laughing at it ... but kept on laughing all the same! Sorry. :) But thanks, I needed that!!

  6. Okay...I finally took the time to get my g-mail address registered so that I can comment. I know that just thrills you....not. Oh well, a mother's got to do what she's got to do.
    Could you send Noah out our way...just incase we have a flood too? I want to get in on the party.

  7. Oh yes...and watch your language, please. :>)


Thank you SOOO much for commenting. We bloggers, of which I am such a minnow in such a big pond, live for our comments.