Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Am I in Wyoming or Something

I live in suburban Cleveland folks, I do not live in Wyoming or Idaho or Montana or something. Granted I live in a semi-rural part of NE Ohio and the house sits on 6 acres but it is still not the frontier. Well it isn't the frontier unless my septic system isn't working and then all bets are off.

So I am sleeping soundly last night, it is about 11p, not that I would know that because....I was asleep. All of a sudden HHBL is poking me in the arm and telling me to wake up and asking me if I can hear that.

Whaaaaaaaaa? Why are you waking me up? You had better have a darn good reason mister for disturbing my beauty sleep cuz we know I need all the help that I can get. I can't hear.........

And then I heard it. Or more precisely I heard them....the coyotes....howling.

And they weren't just howling, which we hear on a semi regular basis. No, they were howling right underneath our windows or as close to right underneath as can be. Our house sits on a ravine and that is where they were. They sounded a lot like this....

Let me tell you that this video just doesn't begin to give you the idea about how creepy, how goose bump producing that it was. It didn't last for more than a couple of minutes but it was enough for me to start to wonder if Pa Ingalls would make it back from town in time.

Get a gun, make sure that the chillin's are inside and batten down the hatches. What would have made the night just perfect would have been if the owls would have then spent the rest of the night hooting from the trees.

Ah life in the country.

And by the way, Max slept through the entire thing. He is SUCH a great watchdog.


  1. We hear coyotes in the distance here quite a bit and you are right--it is so creepy!! And ours are far off in the fields behind my house, not right under my window! AH!!

  2. They sound kind of cute! Last year by husband shot one when we went hunting. It looked a lot like our dog, only it's teeth were razor sharp and we're pretty sure it wanted to kill us all.

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  3. Oh I can relate. I live in New Jersey for crying out loud. When people think of NJ they think of smog, traffic, oil refineries...all that's true but that's not the part of the state I'm in. I wrote a few posts about critters on my blog when we were moving into our house...the day our furniture was being moved in our lawn guys came and first thing they walked over to me with a deer leg...ewwww! No deer attached btw...he said a bobcat was responsible. What??? In NJ? I'm telling you my backyard is like wildkingdom! Here are the links if you are interested...

  4. The Queens equivalent of nighttime coyote calls is the song of the wandering wino. Creepy, yes.

    Haha, oh Max.

  5. I can't take that kind of night activity. I get scared too easily and I wouldn't be able to sleep. B wouldn't be able to sleep because I would keep waking him. Creeeepy.

    "Pa Ingalls would make it back from town in time." You kill me.

  6. Hey Deb--we hear them every night on the other side of the lake--but during this past summer I was asakened at 4 am to the sound of howling outside our bedroon window--and I wear earplugs d/t hubby's snoring and I love my sleep. When I got up and looked--Mr--or Mrs coyote slinked away--right under our bedroon window for pity's sake!! Ain't country living wonderful? Needless to say, we do not put our little Jack Russell out after dark.


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