Saturday, October 10, 2009


Where am I today? Am I lazing around in bed, spending a Saturday morning just reading a book or knitting or being lazy?

I am not!

I am scrapbooking. Twelve glorious hours of cropping and creativity and food and friends and laughter and naughty jokes. Oh yes, we tell naughty jokes. And that usually happens right about the time that I am making a crucial cut on something so I end up cutting someones head or other vital part out of a picture. It has happened.

Yes, I am going to Croptoberfest at my friend Esther's house. Don't those cutesy names for things just drive you crazy. Who was sitting around one day in some corporate office and said, "Hey I've got an idea. Let's call it CROPtoberfest. Get it? You know, a take off on Octoberfest only with scrapbooking and not beer."

Crickets singing....

But somehow it took off. I am not saying that we don't also interject beer into the scrapbooking equation but if we do it isn't very much because excess amounts of alcohol and scrapbooking don't go well together. Bad things tend to happen.

So, I am off to scrap and chat and eat with various friends and neighbors. Just pray that I actually get something done and that I don't cut anyone's head out of the pictures.


  1. I hope you have a fun day! We have several of those all day Crops for causes around our neck of the woods. I have yet to attend, but it does sound like fun! -Tammy

  2. Hi,
    Is your name really Debbie Quigg? So is mine! I did the 'Google you name' thing and I found your blog! It's neat!

    What else is cool (if your name really is Debbie Quigg) is that I'm also a sinner saved by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

    If you'd like to get in touch with me, I'm at I live in Toronto, Ontario

    Deb Q

  3. Oh you lucky lucky girl!! I love scrap fests, even if they have less than inspired names...
    Hope you have a scraptastic time. Uh. Yeah. I can't believe I just said that.


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