Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Did It!!

Refer to yesterday's post to see that I was not having a good day. I am learning Adobe Illustrator for work and things were not going as I wanted them to, as I needed them to, as I demanded them to. Illustrator wasn't listening to me, Word was turning it's back on me and going for a cup of coffee, my deadline was looming large and I was ready to chuck it all and go to Hawaii.

You know, the Hawaii thing sounds good anyways, frustration or not. Hmmmmm

At any rate, I set the project aside and worked on something else. Do you do that, set something aside that just isn't working so that you can take a breather and perhaps get a new perspective? I used to just keep slogging away at something, getting more and more frustrated, until I wanted to tear my curly hair out. But now I just take a step back and walk away for a bit and that seems to help.

So, I decided to come in and talk to my co-worker about it because we are doing this project together. He goes, "well, you know more about Illustrator than I do (that is a REAL stretch) but I did a mock up this way......."

And the light went on, the lemons and oranges lined up, the hamsters came back from break and started to work again (they are union).

Of course!!! I am an Illustrator idiot! I was trying to do the project the extra hard way. Sort of like going to Dallas via Portland, Maine with a stop over in London on the way. Not going from point A to point B that is for sure.

Oh doesn't it feel good to manage to get a project done and done at least half way well. Heaving huge sigh of relief.

Now I can go and have dinner with some friends and then on to a photography class.

I lead a life filled with danger I can tell you!


  1. Congratulations! Not only on your success, but on your determination.

  2. That feels so good! You are too funny, I love your descriptions.

    Please tell us more about this photography class.

  3. I totally understand the frustration! Sometimes I just want to smash my computer with a sledge hammer. I'm glad it all got worked out and you didn't have to resort to violence. :o)


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