Monday, October 5, 2009

Where Have All My Words Gone?

I have to honest and say, I have run out of words for some reason. Do you ever have those times? Now I know that it is hard to believe that I would be without words but sometimes it just happens. I sit down at the old computer to tell you guys wonderful things and.......





I look at my ever increasing list of things that I want to blog about and nothing strikes me.

It is sort of like knowing that you are hungry, going to the frig, opening it up and just standing there because you can't decide what you want to eat. Nothing appeals to you.

Left overs? No.
Apple? No.
Glass of milk? No.
Bowl of ice cream? No........ did you really believe that I would say no to ice cream? You are crazy!

OK, now that I have gotten this rambling post out of my system I am sure that I will be back in the blogging track. I really do have a whole big line up of posts that are about ready to go. Do you do that when you blog? Do you work on multiple posts? I try to but sometimes they just don't come together when I want them to, need them to.

Whine, whine, whine.

I am done now.


  1. You ran out of words???? I can't believe it!

    I mentally plan out my blogging schedule but I don't ever write it until the day before. Except my Quick Takes... I always keep a "draft" that includes random thoughts and feelings!

  2. I am trying to do that but sometimes.....I fail.


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