Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Africa? Why not the beach?

I suppose, before I start to bombard you all with posts about the trip, I should really explain why we were in Africa. Not that you asked but I know that you were wondering. I mean, most people go to say Cancun or California or Myrtle Beach if they take a trip.

But not us, oh no. We go to Africa. And as with most of our trips, we went with a purpose in mind. Actually two purposes, with an extra purpose thrown in a few week ago.

The first reason for going to Africa, specifically Uganda was because of this person, you know, the one who most resembles me......The Engaged One
This past spring, when I accompanied TEO to the travel clinic for her last remaining vaccinations before she left for Uganda Christian University something the nurse said got me to thinking. Lisa was lamenting the fact that when her daughter had been studying in Israel several years ago they had not taken the opportunity to go and see her. That got us to thinking..............

Can't you just hear the hamsters turning. For HHBL and I it was as if a lightbulb went off.

Hey, wouldn't it be a great idea if we sort of stopped by to see TEO at Uganda Christian University? We could see how she is doing and what the campus is like and you know, sort of see some of Uganda in the process? Well yeah, it is a long way to go for a short visit but you know we are all about the parenting thing and this sounds like fun. And if we don't do it then we will be kicking ourselves later on, and I try to avoid pain whenever possible.

Then a month or so before the trip we added another reason to go to Uganda......
Um Deb, what are those guys doing? Well, these fellows are bible translators from SIL Uganda (Wycliff Bible Translators). We have supported Wycliff personnel in the past and we contacted our US rep to see if we could see the work that is being done in Uganda. Boy did we ever! That will be an entire blog post (or two) in the days to come but let me tell you it was an educational experience all around. We also got to see, in the process, some of the workings of World Harvest Mission in Bundibugyo.

And the final reason had to do with these smiling faces
Who are all these kids you might be asking yourself. Well, these are our kids, our World Vision children, and we have been longing to see them for what seems like forever. Summer of 2008 we were 4 weeks away from visiting when HHBL had his little medical crisis. I didn't feel too comfortable going to Rwanda only 30 days after his time in ICU so we had to cancel the trip. But this time the Lord had it all worked out and what an experience it was.

So now you know why we went. Next up who knows, whatever I decide to tell you about, accompanied by pictures of course. Lots and lots and lots of pictures.


  1. Seems a lot more interesting than Cancun or Myrtle Beach. Not that there's anything wrong with going to those places. I just think I'd experience a whole lot more, as I'm sure you did. Looking forward to future posts!

    Be well. ~Andrea~

  2. I'd take Africa and Uganda over Cancun any day. I LOVE hearing about this. I've been a bit out of touch lately but I'll be catching up here soon.

    ps The blue stones are sapphires... lab created so not exactly authentic and about 99% cheaper :)

  3. @ Dandy - I thought they might be sapphires. And gee, what might be taking up all your time? A wedding perhaps?

  4. That is awesome Deb! All those little lives you're touching. I didn't even know you were going to Africa. I'm sure Meghan was glad to see you.

  5. I LOVE how all your World Vision kids came special to see you. Wonderful!!


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