Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lite Posting Today

Hi all-

It sounds like I am writing you a letter. Posting will be lite (you could interpret that as non-existent) as HHBL and I will be attending a wedding. Andrew and Kendall are the cutest couple, so eager, so in love. We were their pre-marital mentors in the mentoring program at church and so they very kindly invited us to the wedding.

Oh goody, a chance to get dressed up and actually put on high heels. Actually, if I could get away with it I would have on jeans and a tee shirt and hand made socks.

Speaking of jeans, I got TWO pair of Levi's, practically new, at the thrift shop yesterday for$3 a piece. They are in the wash at the moment and I am so excited.

OK, off to put on high heels.

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  1. How was the wedding? I love a chance to get dressed up now and then, too! :-)


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