Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Want To Go Back to Bed

Have you ever had one of those days. You know the kind, the ones that start out good, full of promise and energy and the thought that you are going to accomplish something excellent.

Yeah, one of those kind of days.

And then, like the Titanic and that iceberg, things just went to heck and a hand basket really quickly.

That was yesterday.

Oh it started out fine and dandy, well except for the fact that I have this niggling sense in the back of my throat and nose that I am getting a cold. I can think myself out of it I am sure. The power of positive thinking and all.

Had a great walk with my walking buddies. It was a tad windy but then so are the talking sense NOT in the other sense. Sheesh!

Did some knitting in the morning on a gift that I can't talk about yet because the person that it is for reads the blog. No mom, it isn't you. The thing that I am knitting I have never knit before and it is turning out SOOOOOOO cute and that is all because of TriCounty Knitaholics and their encouragement. Thanks guys!

Then I made bread and it turned out excellent. I love making yeast bread and since I got over my fear of yeast, the kind that you put in bread NOT the other kind! Man guys, stop thinking the potty thoughts. At any rate, the bread turned out great and I wish that I had a picture of it and it's awesomeness but I don't. I ate some of it though and it was delicious.

Then I made chicken soup because I was taking a "new baby" meal to my friend Hope who just had a baby last week. I make really excellent chicken soup if I do say so myself.

Then I knit some more and did some work for the office and things were great

And then.......

Life disintegrated, went down hill, took a fast train to badness, the dukies hit the fan. You get the picture.

I needed to take the soup out of the pot because it had cooled. So I dumped it into a big ziploc bag which is what I always do. I sealed the bag up and put it on the counter to await taking to Hope's house. Then I started on the dessert. I was going to make these yummy little apple tarts that are just cut up apples that are put into pie crust and baked. They are yummy.

I made the pie crust dough, an oil crust that I have been making ever since Grandma Pringle showed me how. I can make that stuff in my sleep. Or at least I could until yesterday when I managed to put too much oil in it. Which necessitated putting more flour in it and mushing it all around. It wasn't quite the right consistency but it would do. I put that bowl to the side so that the pie crust could sit and went on to peeling the apples.

No problem with the apples, they practically peeled and chopped themselves. Sugar, flour, cinnamon and salt in. Stir. Ready to fill.

Go to move the ziploc bag of chicken soup that is sort of in the way and sitting where I want to roll out my pie dough. Pick up the bag and realize......


The bag has been sitting on the counter long enough to lose about half of it's liquid contents. Slowly dribbling onto the counter in a stealthy manner. Under all of my flour/sugar/salt canisters. Under my mixer. Under my food processor. Around the corner and out to the street.

OK, not really on that last part but it felt like it. I said a bad word. But not a REALLY bad one.

I pick up the bag, dribbling more onto the floor and I put the bag into the mixing bowls that always sit on the counter. I grab a bunch of towels to sop up the mess. I am making good progress when I realize that most likely I will need to clean the underside of the mixer and the food processor. Now, if I had been thinking properly and hadn't been in a hurry I might have made some different decisions at this point. I have a big Kitchen Aide mixer with several bowls. It is awesome but it is heavy. What I SHOULD have done is take the bowls off the mixer and then carefully, holding it firmly, turn it over and wipe the underside. But I didn't do that. I just grabbed a hold of the thing and tilted it away from me, thinking that I would just quickly swipe the bottom and put it back upright.

Only my hands were wet....and the mixer was really heavy......and it sort of slipped a little and tipped over sideways and just hung there suspended so that I would have plenty of time to see the disaster that was going to happen but that I wouldn't be able to stop.

The mixer tipped over......and landed on top of all the mixing bowls......the same mixing bowls that held the bag of soup that was leaking......and then it knocked the bowls over spilling the soup that had collected in the bowl all over the counter......and also in the process knocking the butter dish off of the counter onto the floor, upside down of course, but the butter had already flown out of it and landed on another part of the floor....and shot the measuring spoons over by the kitchen table....and scared the dog. Oh, and the soup that splashed and spilled, spilled INTO the bowl that had the pie crust waiting to be used. Rendering it unusable.

Have you ever played the game Mouse Trap? You know the one where the marble goes down the chute and makes something else go and then something else happens. It was like that, only I didn't win anything at the end.

And then I said another bad word. Actually I said a series of bad words. I hang my head in shame. It was at about this time that Max, even though he was hovering in the kitchen hoping that I didn't see the big glob of butter on the floor that he might have a chance of eating and the chicken soup that was slowly dripping onto the floor, Max decided that it was time to go and sit in his house where I am sure that he felt safer.

I just had to stand there for a second and take it all in. And for once I didn't take a picture because I just didn't want to remember this in years to come.

I cleaned up the kitchen, threw the pie dough away, decided to make apple crisp which seemed much safer at the moment, defrosted more chicken stock to replace the stuff that had run all over the counter, got things in semi order. And then I retreated from the kitchen because it was obviously not a safe place for me to be.

Some days are just like that.


  1. I laughed the enitre way through this. Only because you said the word "dukie" and you know that gets me.

    You know I'm REALLY frustrated when I say bad words. It doesn't happen often. And when it does, I tell on myself like you just did!

  2. No way! The story just kept getting worse and worse or better and better depending on who is reading :)

    You seriously make chicken soup and apple pie from scratch for friends? If I have a baby can you drop some by? That might be motivation enough for B and I.

  3. Debbie,
    I'm so glad I visited your blog. Your hilarious account of kitchen mishaps (which always happen when you are doing something nice for someone)had me laughing out loud. You made my day! Laura LaMar Sorce

  4. @Dandy - you and B have a baby and I am so there with chicken soup (made with homemade chicken stock) and apple pie.

    @Laura - hey there!!! It has been a REALLY long time since we have had any communication. So glad that you stopped by.

  5. I hope it's OK that I laughed all over this post :) So funny! It's because this could have happened to any of us, but you tell it funnier than any of us could.

    These are the times you want to have a rewind button. But at least you weren't running late, which is something I would have done. Making it impossible to complete the task at all after the mess has been cleaned up.

    Also, you should post your recipes!

  6. This is funny: "just hung there suspended so that I would have plenty of time to see the disaster that was going to happen but that I wouldn't be able to stop". I could see it all happening in slow motion. I really could not believe the disaster as it unfolded!
    I was impressed that you continued on with the apple crisp and all! At that point I would have ordered a pizza for Hope. :o)

  7. Oh my gosh...the bad words flying in MY kitchen would have embarrassed a sailor. And I'd probably have broken windows on top of it, because I would have thrown everything through them! And then we would have gone to Burger King. Kudos on sticking with it long enough to make apple crisp.

  8. I am so-o-o-o-o Sorry!


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