Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nigeria is Calling Me

Do you have more than one email address? I do. I have my regular email address that I give to people that I really like. I have a "junk" email address that I give to all the companies that I don't like. And I have an email for work.

It is the "junk" email that brings me humor on a daily basis.
  • Paul is trying desperately to get a hold of me because my auto warranty is about to expire. That is news to me and to Subaru
  • There are a number of people who I have never heard of who want to "friend" me on Facebook, despite the fact that this isn't the email that Facebook uses.
  • 2hot2handle and freakynymph are feeling frisky and wants me to know that
  • Various people want to sell me things like:
steel buildings
business phone systems - have one of those already
vitamins and minerals
Dish Network wants to lure me away from my horrible cable provider,
the perfect job for me
a medical degree - if I had known it was THAT easy I might have skipped nursing school
whiter teeth
  • I could sign up for an "adult dating service" - the mind boggles at what this might actually be and it might not sit well with HHBL
  • Someone is kindly trying to give me an iphone. I just haven't let them know where to send it and if I would just click on that convenient link then they can get all my info. Hmmmmm
  • Some sort of "doctor" is telling me that he is responding to my interest in earning an extra $300-500 PER DAY with absolutely NO COST to me!

Dr. Ignatius Imala, Director of the Visa Debt Card Dept., Central Bank of Nigeria has been trying to notify my about my inheritance/contract payment. He wants me to know that my $10.5 million dollars has been approved to be made to me through a corporate Visa ATM. I just need to call and give them my full name, address and phone and they will quickly process it for me.

I will get right on that.


  1. OMG what a coincidence because I have an inheritance in Nigeria too!

    Perhaps we are related?

  2. Oh Dandy! I just knew that we were sisters some how.

  3. Lucky you . . . no spam e-mails pitching (a) male member enhancement pharmaceuticals, sold by (b) Canadian pharmacies? Wikipedia says that 94% of all e-mail is spam - sadly, that is our own experience.

  4. It's horrible isn't it? I swear, DAILY, I get this email from someone who says they are sorry to bother me but they are trying to release funds from a certain bank and if I could please help them out by sending them a check, then they will reimburse me plus 10% of what's in their bank account. At least they're polite.


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