Monday, June 11, 2012

World Wide Knit In Public Day

Yes there really is a World Wide Knit in Public Day Virginia. And it happened to be last Saturday. And a good time was had by all.

Some of my Knit Sibs and I met up at one of the local yarn shops in the area. We try as hard as we can to support our LYS.

IMG_8507-1IMG_8516AIMG_8521-1IMG_8522-1It’s not like we don’t also meet twice a month for our “Knit Nights”. But we just like to knit together. So sue us.

Cathy, the wonderful owner over at The Artful Yarn put on a fabulous WWKIP day. Who wouldn’t want to sit out under the shade of the trees with a nice glass of lemonade and indulge in a bit of fiber.


And check out what others are knitting or crocheting.


There were experienced knitters.


There were “newbies”.


There might even have been an alpaca to pet and love.


There was a spinning demonstration. This only cemented my resolve to adding spinning to my list of “fiber arts talents”. I seriously wanted the fluorescent green yarn that she was spinning. It called, absolutely CALLED to be socks.


I have no idea who this was but she was having a good time. AND she was just finishing up a version of the very same baby sweater that I just finished. It is a favorite.



Don’t tell anyone……

But I might have purchased some yarn.

It was just a little bit!!!! Only two skeins of lovely Madeline Tosh. Oh so wonderful.


What do you mean I might want to think about not buying any more yarn. This is only a small cabinet. Small I tell you. And there really isn’t THAT much sock yarn in there.

Can we have WWKIP day once a month?

Please oh please oh please????


  1. Yikes!! How could I have missed a National Knit in Public Day! :(
    So, I'm dying to that Madtosh for a Cladonia Shawl, perhaps? ;)

  2. You, your fridge, and Jimmy Hoffa's body just crack me up!


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