Thursday, June 7, 2012

Soothing Is The Color Purple

When we first moved into Chez Knit the back garden was a blank slate. Heck the back garden wasn’t even there for the first year that we lived here. It was a pile of muddy nothingness at the bottom of the deck steps. A place to be avoided.

Then after a year or so we had a landscaper come and put in the brick paths. But the beds were mine to do with as I chose.

And obviously I chose to put in a lot of Hosta and Day Lilies. Well, the Day Lilies were actually scattered all over the place for the first year or so. And then I relaized that they had to all be congregated and protected in the back. The deer just decimated them otherwise.

So a lot of work has gone into this private back garden.

But after 12 years here at Chez Knit…….


It is a place to sit and relax and sooth away the craziness of the day.


One of these days I am going to figure out the name of this clematis. For some reason I didn’t save the tag that had the name on it when I planted it all those years ago. But it is the most wonderful clematis that I have even planted. Look at the blossoms on this thing!!! I could just sit and look at it all afternoon long. The only other thing that would make it perfect is if the blossom had a lovely smell. Oh well.



Mr. Bug taking a ride on one of the blossoms. If that is an aphid I am going to be very unhappy.


The first of the Day Lily are beginning to blossom. This one is Stella D’Oro. And that means that if there are Day Lily blossoms coming on that I now have to begin the intensive spraying program so that the four footed garden destroyers deer don’t lay waste to the beauty.


Did you say that the Day Lily are blooming? I will be right over for the dinner buffet!


And I have also decided that my garden bench needs some sprucing up. After tomorrow the wooden slats will be Candy Apple red.

Yes, I said Candy Apple red.

I can hardly wait.


Candy Apple red? Alpha what has come over you??

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  1. Lovely garden. I have that same bench...I'm planning on replacing the wood slats this summer ~ however it is far down on the list of things to do so it could actually be fall before it happens. :)


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