Thursday, June 14, 2012


Generally I never win anything. It is a sore trial in my life. I feel deprived and neglected.

I faithfully enter to win things over at The Pioneer Woman.


I enter other contests.


You know, now that I think about it this isn’t strictly true. I did win a fabulous pair of earrings from my old friend, Kathy, over at Twist and Shout. We have known each other…..well for a while. No need to say how long. I have a picture of the earrings somewhere on the hard drive but it is hiding from me.

But I digress. So, at the end of last month I was noodling around reading some of the bazillion blogs that I follow (I might need to have an intervention) and I got to Knitting Knoobie and saw…….


A silent hush fell over my office.

Yarn, I love yarn. I might have mentioned that.

And this was Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, something that I have never had the pleasure to own or knit with. But have wanted to very badly.

And it was a luscious brown tweedy sort of color. It looked like yummy hot chocolate.

It all comes back to chocolate in the end you know.

And so all you had to do was comment. That seemed easy enough. I can do that. And so I did. But I knew I wouldn’t win because, you see, I never win anything (except the lovely earrings) and even worse…….I was the first person to comment. The first comment never wins anything. I think it is a rule somewhere. It means that you are too eager and cannot be rewarded with fiber. I commented and then I put it from my mind because….

I never win anything.

Can you imagine my surprise and delight when I found an email from Susie telling me that her wonderful husband had picked my number for the giveaway.


This is what arrived in the mail today.


2 skeins of worsted weight loveliness. See, it DOES look like hot cocoa.


Now I am going to be consumed with deciding what project to make with the 280 yards of tweediness.

Decision, decisions.



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