Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Strawberry Love

This Spring has been so, so busy with this and that and the other thing.

You know how that goes. So it was with a jolt and a feeling of panic that I realized I hadn’t been out to Monroe Orchard to pick strawberries. And I had looked in the freezer and only saw one more bag of frozen strawberries from last year!!!


I depend on frozen strawberries to go into my smoothies.

I drink a lot of smoothies.

So I was on the phone at 7a to ascertain whether they were picking strawberries still or if the season had finished. It has been a very odd strawberry season according to the fine people at Monroe. They started picking in MAY! But then on the other side of that coin they are most likely going to be done with picking by the end of this week.

So you can probably guess what I was doing this morning. I didn’t take my camera with me because I was by myself and I wanted to concentrate on picking. The strawberries were on the small side but oh are they tasty. And they are very pretty as well, many of them coming away with part of their stem attached.


Surprisingly I was the only one in the strawberry patch. Of course it was also 8a on a Tuesday but still. You can’t see but these are really big containers…..and in the space of 90 minutes I picked A LOT of strawberries.

To quote Dr. Phil: Debbie WHAT were you thinkin’!

I got going and I just couldn’t seem to stop. I just kept picking and picking and picking.

And then, after plunking down my moola and driving home with my car full of the smell of ripe, warm strawberries, it was time to get down to the business of washing, hulling and freezing.


Seriously who wouldn’t love to just sit around all day and eat strawberries. Maybe the house elves will do the laundry and put on the sheets and I can just lay back and eat strawberries.


These may not be beautiful but let me tell you that doesn’t matter. They taste delicious. I am having a hard time saving any for HHBL. But I will don’t worry……one or two.


Look Mommy, a strawberry butt!

Look away son. I thought this was a family blog not some place where I am going to be subjected to porn of the fruit variety!

Sorry, I said the word butt.

Oh, and I looked in the very back of the freezer….and found 3 bags of frozen strawberries from last year. That just means that I will need to make more smoothies….and maybe a frozen strawberry pie….and possibly strawberry ice cream.


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