Friday, June 8, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 168)


Did you think that I forgot 7 Quick Takes?? Oh contaire mon frere! The garden called this morning with a louder voice than the computer. I had to answer the call. Remember the deal. When you are done basking in the blather that is this blog you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of the coming days of summer, over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else is doing.

Ladies and Gentlemen….start your BLATHER!!!!

Last Friday, late in the afternoon, the on/off button at the top of “Dahling” my ipod touch stopped working. It is stuck.


Made a appointment for Saturday morning at the Genius Bar. Didn’t have very high hopes that they could fix it. AND it is out of warranty so no just trading it in.

And I was correct.

Me: Can this be fixed?
Apple Employee: Unfortunately no. They are made in China in a big factory that employs thousands of people very cheaply. If we had to fix it here that would mean they would pay us a lot more than those in China. (she seriously said this) We can sell you another ipod of the same kind for 50% off.
Me: ummmm, no I don’t think so.

But then she very nicely came up with a work around solution that is OK.

I learned a valuable lesson this week.

I must ALWAYS remember to send out my reminder emails the day before a photo shoot.

It was disconcerting both for the home owner and myself when I arrived and found that she had totally forgotten. We rescheduled and thankfully the house wasn’t all that far from Chez Knit. But she felt so bad about it, which she didn’t need to do. I knew that it wasn’t going to happen the minute I pulled into her driveway and saw that she had just gotten home from going to the grocery store. I got out of the car and she looked at me as if she had no idea why some wild haired woman would be at her house at 1p.

Remember the reminder email Deb!

Produce is beginning to arrive from the garden. Not much right now but what is there is yummy. There is tender lettuce, both green and red. I have a bunch of snow peas that are just crying out to be stir fried. And I have some spinach.

Our spinach hasn’t produced all that much and it is leaning towards bolting. We went from chilly to hot to chilly to hot and spinach doesn’t like hot. But there is enough to add to something else.

The tomatoes are doing alright and the first sowing of beans are up.

I love the garden. Pictures next week when I get a chance.

Do you know what tomorrow is???

It is World Wide Knit In Public Day!!!!!

I told HHBL that the other evening and his response was….

Who comes up with these things?

Yeah whatever. I am going to go camera shopping with a knit sib in the morning. We are going to spend a boat load of her money….but on a new camera body for her not for me, sniff. And then we are meeting up with other Knit Sibs to participate in WWKIPD at one of our local yarn stores.

I am going to have to start another pair of socks or something. This is not the place to be working on my current lace project I am thinking. We will see.

I will have my camera with me so I can share the joy with you next week. Try to keep your excitement in check.

HHBL and I finally went to see The Avengers last weekend. A good portion of it was filmed right in Cleveland, although you wouldn’t know it since they made it seem like they were in NYC. But every once in a while we would look at the screen and see a building that we are very familiar with.

I will say this about the movie. If you haven’t seen any of the other “Avengers” movies that have come before, like Iron Man or Thor or The Hulk or Captain America you might be very confused. There is loads of back story that comes with this movie. It isn’t one that I would see again in the theater, nor would we go out of our way to own it, but we might get it from Netflix again whenever it becomes available.

Did you know that there are only 49 days until the Olympics!

And that means that there are only 49 days until I cast on this…..


This is the Dwarrowdelf Stole. And it is a big, honkin’ project that I am going to attempt to do for Ravelympics.

Yes I know I am a crazy person. And there is the very real possibility that I will not get it done.

But I must try. I will keep you posted.

I think I have come to a resting point on cleaning out the “stuff” that we have. There is still more to go but it is just dribs and drabs here and there.

Now I am going to start on all the pictures that I have stored on my computer.

Mother of All That is HOLY I take a boat load of pictures. And the real problem is that I now shoot in RAW and those are just big files. I have the bad habit of converting photos into jpeg and then keeping the RAW files as well. There are times when that is a good idea but not all the time. So I am going slowly through the files and deleting pictures that will never be used and then deleting the RAW files as well.

I am thinking that I really should be putting some of these photos up on the “100 Days of Cleanout” blog that I have terribly neglected.

We will see.

Just what I need…..another project.

And we won’t even TALK about this urge I have to learn to spin wool into fiber.

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  1. I was late doing my 7 Quick Takes today, too. So glad I wasn't the only one! I can't even face the thought of going through all my digital pictures. It's just too huge a task.


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