Monday, June 18, 2012


No, this is not the BUNS that you think I am talking about!


Not buns and in pig buns.

Do pigs have buns? Hmmmmmm.

But I digress.

No, I mean Baylor University Nursing School. Get it. Baylor University Nursing School.

OK, it is really Baylor University School of Nursing but we always liked it the other way. I am a graduate of that august institution. Why do I mention this?

Why do I mention anything I mention around here. Because I can that’s why. And because this weekend the Parental Units were visiting for Father’s Day. And Mimi brought me a little present. A blast from the past as it were. Something that I thought (hoped) was long gone from my life.


My old nursing school uniform!!!

Lord have mercy upon me. I thought I had escaped forever that green, polyester, pinstriped monstrosity. It zipped up the front, had an amazingly unflattering wing collar and hit you right about the knee thereby making my legs look less than lovely. Add white hose and nursing shoes to the ensemble and you could strike terror into the hearts of any patient that you chose. Believe me when I tell you that there was nothing, absolutely NOTHING that could be done to it that would make you look even half way good in it.

Thinking about catching the eye of a young intern or resident?

Not in that outfit you wouldn’t.

And to make it even MORE special. I know, you can hardly believe that is possible. But……


It came with a matching LAB coat. Oh be still my beating heart and my suddenly nauseous stomach.

And lest you wonder, when I was finally done with nursing school I got an official nurses cap. Only I don’t have that anymore. Mimi and I were discussing caps this weekend. She is also a nurse and she always wore her cap at work because it was a badge of honor. I have seen a picture of her in her cap and it was lovely.

My cap on the other had made me, and any other nurse for that matter, look like a demented Dutch boy.

If my nursing school roomie, Katherine, knew I was going to put up this next picture she would come all the way up from Texas to murder me on the spot. If you don’t hear from me again you will know what happened.


OK, Katherine really does have some clothes on. But this is a family blog and she didn’t have APPROPRIATE clothes on. However, this is the only picture I have of the cap. And I should probably tell you that she has it on backwards, which actually made it look better. If you had it on correctly you sometimes resembled Sally Field in “The Flying Nun”. Heavens!

I must admit that my particular class at good old BUNS were, ummmmm, how shall I say it….

Rabble Rousers.

Are you surprised by this. There were some in the administration that weren’t unhappy to see us graduate. They had good reason to be afraid. We quite often sometimes didn’t like to follow the rules as well as they thought we should.

We threw ourselves a bit of a graduation party….off campus….because if we had done it in the dorm we might not have graduated. Not that there was too much alcohol, there wasn’t. Although there was some. No it was more the fact that some of us took the time to “doctor” our uniforms to more specifically reflect how we felt about particular instructors.


I am not going to mention which instructor is being portrayed here. Just know that it was a spot on match.


Trust me when I tell you that I fit RIGHT in with this group of women. Oh yes I did. This isn’t me by the way.

But it very well could have been.

Hey does anyone need a rather stylish green pinstriped polyester dress with a front zipper. I have one I can sell you.



  1. I wonder if mine from West Sub is still in my parents' house. If I'd seen this yesterday, I'd have checked. Our caps were perky and attractive (nanny nanny poo poo).

    1. Yes the West Sub ones are nice. Some people just draw the short end of the "nursing cap" straw I guess.


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