Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 169)


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Keep Calm and Blather On!

My second/garage refrigerator gave up the ghost this week.

I am in mourning.

You might not think that is a big deal. People function with one refrigerator all the time all over the world. Quit whining about it Deb. Put on your big girl panties and move everything into the frig in the kitchen.

Bite Me!

I have had two refrigerators for twenty years. I use them both. Where am I going to store the cases and cases of beer and wine.

Where am I going to store all the jars of yogurt and the refrigerator pickles and preserved peppers.

Where am I going to store Jimmy Hoffa’s body?

It has been a slow, lingering and painful death. And she isn’t totally dead yet. But she is almost there and you can’t really store much of anything in her without worrying about spoilage. And of course all this came to a head on the day when I really needed to store a boat load of strawberries in her.


The Day Lilies are just about to bloom. They are sending up their flower spikes. I go out there every day to check on them and talk sweetly to them and encourage them in their endeavor.

Bloom lovely plants. Bloom.

But you know what this means.

My flower beds are now regularly smelling like a frat house after a Friday night beerfest.

Eau de Vomitorium.

It is the price I pay for having the lack of brain cells to think that it would be easy to cultivate a boat load of different lilies in an area where the deer sometimes outnumber the people. Or at least it seems that way.

But if it keeps the deer at bay then I will spray every single day.


You know, I have been thinking about expanding my diet. I am so tired of Hosta.

I think the months of May, June, July and August should be months where I don’t have to do any housework and I can just read all day.

Just like I used to do when school was out.

Whose with me!?!


When the dog days of summer arrive my DNA just says that it should be the time to sit around with a big glass of ice cold orange pop and a book and read and read and read.

Darn adulthood.

The garden weeds are consuming me. Overwhelming me.

Why must gardens have weeds?

The Frozen Northeast Ohio has been officially declared to be in “drought conditions”

I do not like drought conditions. But then who does really. Well maybe people who voluntarily live in the desert. I spelled that “dessert” at first. I think I need some chocolate.

But I digress.

Drought means that I need to go out to the garden about every other day and water for an hour. And I have to time the visit just right because there are four hoses available to water and there are a lot more that four garden plots.

And for some reason drought conditions do not seem to make the weeds grow any less vigorously.

My heart and soul really needs a regular dose of “rainy day” and when that doesn’t happen I get all fussy and fidgety and unhappy.

Yes, I know I am oddly put together. It has been pointed out to me before. 

The Parental Units are coming to visit for the weekend.


I think we will be taking them to The Westside Market tomorrow. Everyone should experience TWM at least once.


I am hoping to stop at Fritter Mountain for sustenance.


And perhaps some gyros for lunch.

I had better stop eating now!!

Can I just say that I love my job. I get to see some fantastically designed kitchens and meet some great people. And I just love seeing how everyone’s view of design and function and decorating in a kitchen, and other rooms of the house as well, is so very different. I haven’t seen a duplicate yet.

You just never know what is going to happen. I encountered a dog this week who followed me around and insisted on obsessively licking my legs.

Evidently he is very fond of lotion.

And I tasted particularly good to him.

I washed my legs when I got home.


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