Monday, June 4, 2012

Prepare For the Alpacas

Did you have a good weekend?

Did you have a good Saturday?

Mine started out not so great and ended up being….


Unusually fun and dusty.

You will just have to wait until tomorrow for me to tell you the whole story. But I will just tell you that it involved a gas station, a mini van, dust, clippers, fly spray, a Guard Llama and a bunch of Alpacas. And possibly some yarn as well.


Did you say Alpacas? You know I am an Alpaca. Am I not the loveliest thing you have ever seen? I am so soft and white.


Hey, what about us!! We are lovely. And soft too. And sweet. Don’t forget about us.

I will tell you ALL about it tomorrow….

After I get done editing all the photos.

I might have taken a few.

And there might just be an Alpaca butt in there somewhere. You know, to get you geared up for the cow and pig butts that you know are going to show up at the county fair.


Did you just say Alpaca butt? Have you no shame?

Evidently not as I took more than one picture of them.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the further adventures of Debbie and the Alpaca Shearing.


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