Friday, June 1, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 167)


Where did my week go? Here we are all together again waiting in eager anticipation of what might come out of this crazy brain of mine. Remember, when you are done soaking it all in here you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of John Edwards exit from that courthouse, over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else is doing.

Now let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the blather.

Today is my momma’s BIRTHDAY!!!!!

No I am not telling you how hold she is! Are you kidding me!! I want to live to my next birthday thankyouverymuch.


Happy Birthday to the best Momma a girl could ever have.

One of my Book Club buddies (Hi Elizabeth!) describing my blog last night to someone who hasn’t found me yet………

Well, Deb writes about her garden, the funny things that happen to her and her husband’s butt.

I guess that says it all.


I mean, hello, who wouldn’t want to write about this….and ride behind this……


Sorry. I gots to be real!

It finally looks like we will have a couple of good days of rain and we are all dancing in joy.


This is what I would look like if I allowed you to see me dancing around in rainy joy.

Why are you running away?

Come back!!!


It has been pretty dry around here. After the 2011 season long deluge I shouldn’t complain. But I have to tell you that the garden really needed a good, steady soaking. But not in the form of a deluge. In fact that was the topic of conversation between LaurenLeap, myself and our next door garden neighbor Colin as we were all working in the dirt yesterday. The ground is so dry out there, even with us watering it regularly, that a heavy downpour will just run right off and not do us any good.

But it has been raining off and on since about the time I went to bed last night and that is very good news.

We seem to have a gnome in the garden.


He tells me that he is happy to be ensconced among the snow peas.

Conversation between HHBL and I earlier in the week.

HHBL: Were you just on the phone?

Me: Yes, I was talking to Cartoon Girl.

HHBL: I knew it was Cartoon Girl. Do you know how I knew?

Me: Ummmmm……because we were deeply into a discussion of the merits of Alien vs Aliens, moving into a discussion of the differences in the feel and style of the directing talents of Ridley Scott v James Cameron?

HHBL: Yup.

Cartoon Girl and I….we are heavy duty movie nerds.

Well I managed the first bike ride of the season this week.

And I thought I might just die.

And it was only 6.5 miles around the neighborhood.

Of course this was Memorial Day, early in the morning, when it was already 73F at 6:45a with a 1000% humidity and I forgot my water. At least that is the explanation that I am sticking to.

I have set a goal (already broken) of riding three times a week. I would have taken a bike ride this morning instead of walking with the girls…..but see #3 above. I really don’t like riding in the rain. I am hoping against hope that HHBL and I can take a ride tomorrow morning.

But the weather person is predicting rain. However, meteorology seems to be one of the few professions where you get paid whether you are right or you are wrong. So hopefully they will be wrong.

I know that you have been eagerly awaiting the weekly biking/road kill reports.

Weekly Road Kill Report: two expertly eviscerated frogs. This report does not include the squirrel that I totally toasted yesterday with my front tire.

For Mother’s Day TMO and TSiL gave me a gift certificate for the local spa. I just can’t decide whether I want a deep massage or a vastly needed pedicure…..oh the angst of having to make this decision.

But if I were a bettin’ woman I would bet that I am going for the pedicure. I love pedicures.


  1. #5 We're all nerds about something.

  2. Have you and Ashley heard about the new Ridley Scott movie "Prometheus" coming out? It started out as a prequel to Alien, but then turned into a movie unto its own. As of this comment, the count-down to its arrival in 6 days 13:05:53 minutes. Can you tell I'm excited? There aren't many movies I pay to see on the big screen, but this will be one of them.

    1. Oh my friend, Cartoon Girl and I have been discussing Prometheus for a long time now. We are such nerds.

  3. Your mom's 76 today. I live so far away that she can't touch me.

    I'd have gone for the massage. I hate people touching my feet.

    1. You may be far away my friend but my mom knows your mom. She can still get to you that way!

  4. I used to feel like I needed to leave a comment so you'd know I was here. But now you have that feedjit thing so I don't have to! I can just wave! Who else is from the back end of nowhere?? :-) Great post, and happy birthday, Mimi!


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