Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thank You Ray Bradbury

I will tell you that this will be a short blog post.


Because I don’t want to break away from reading Ray Bradbury.

I spent a boat load of summer hours growing up reading and re-reading. And one of my particular favorites was Ray Bradbury. Total and complete love. From the very first story that I read I was hooked.

And today I learned that Ray Bradbury died last night at the age of 91. The minute I heard the news, or rather read the news, I wanted to just stop what I was doing and go and read my favorite Ray Bradbury stories. Who needs to clean or edit photos if there is a Ray Bradbury story calling my name.

Not me.

I have to admit that I don’t have any of my original books. They were lost or more likely donated to the library somewhere along the way. I have slowly learned that I cannot keep every book no matter how much I love it.

But thank goodness for the library!!! There on the shelves I found all the Ray Bradbury that I will ever need. And so, with a cup of tea beside me, I am about to sit down and indulge in….

The Veldt
Dark They Were, And Golden Eyed
The Long Rain
Here There Be Tygers
The Illustrated Man

And so many more. I will read and I will remember. I will remember summers at the cottage, with water and hot sun and no air conditioning. But we had a screened in porch and a scratchy hammock and no TV so there were hours and hours and hours of reading time.

Thank you Ray Bradbury for all the great memories.

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  1. me, too. I remember long hours of reading at the cottage, too. except I was only there when we were younger, so I remember the Bobbsey Twins (how do you spell that?) and Nancy Drew, not Ray Bradbury, whom I did not discover until I was in junior high. RIP, Ray.


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