Monday, April 30, 2012

This Explains A Lot

When last I was visiting the Parental Units at Easter (remember the Easter Monkey!) Mimi handed me a leather bound notebook. On the outside it is fairly unassuming.

But on the inside. Oh on the inside there was gold.

Photographic gold.

For you see inside were plain lined notebook pages, old notebook paper, on which my Grandmother Pringle had pasted pictures. Old pictures. Old and fabulous pictures of my family.

Fred, Jennie, Jean

These are my Great Grand Parents, Fred and Jennie. And that lovely, curly headed child is my mom, the Mimi. Fred and Jennie, such solid Iowa names! Such solid Iowans.

Andrew and Maggie

These are the Great Grand Parents from the other side of the family. Grandma Maggie was always chuckling. And she had the cutest little chuckle. I can hear it still. She chuckled until the day that she went home to the Lord at the age of 98.

GLP looking dapper

My Grandpa Pringle looking very dapper indeed. This was a man that gardened in a shirt and tie at times.


This just happens to be my absolutely favorite picture of Grandpa and I. I can look at it and smell his unique “aftershave” that was a combo of Listerine and Old Spice. Very uniquely Grandpa.

GLP, LHP 1933

Grandpa and Grandma. Oh you can just see the mischievous twinkle in Grandpa’s eye. He was a kid at heart.

And this last picture might explain a great deal about me……

This explains a lot A copy

Oh Grandpa and his sense of humor. It was larger than life.

There are LOTS more pictures.

I just thought I should warn you.


  1. Really Great Treasure!
    (Being an Iowan, I love those Iowans! lol)

  2. Ohhhhh grandpa! I loved that man! He got me. I too remember his smell.....his crooked finger....and his cane....what a fabulous grandpa he was! -heather


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