Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter, A Bit Late.

Yes, I know I am a bit late with this post.

Easter has come and gone. The Easter candy is but a distant memory on the lips and forever on the hips.

And I was going to talk about Corned Beef today. Because I made some…..

Totally from scratch.

And it is AWESOME.

But that will be for another day. What I wanted to show you was the pictures of Easter Sunday. Because I know you are dying to know what we did. And of course you want to know about the Easter Monkey.

We had the privilege of going to church on Easter with TMO and TSiL. And it was a boat load of fun and good times and fabulous hymns and……I just love Church of the Resurrection.


Easter services for Church of the Rez are held at Edmond Chapel on the Wheaton College campus. You really can’t get a sense of how big The Resurrected Christ banner is. Take a look at the size of the people in the picture. Yeah, it is big. And totally amazing.


This kid was seriously cute. And took his shades very seriously as well.

I put away my camera when the service started as was appropriate. No need to take pictures during the Easter morning service AND sometimes I just have to step away from the lens so that I don’t miss anything. I can get caught up in making sure I get just the right picture and I miss the “bigger picture” if you know what I mean.

But after the service and a short chat with Father Stewart AND being given the bestest insulated coffee mug because we were visiting it was out to the courtyard to see the Easter Monkey.

What? You haven’t heard of the Easter Monkey? He is the lesser known cousin of the Easter Bunny. You know the Easter Bunny can’t make it everywhere. If he is over scheduled he calls his Cuz.


Unfortunately the Easter Monkey doesn’t have quite as sunny a personality as his more famous cousin.


And he tends to sit on people’s shoulders and chatter away at passersby. Forgetting all about the whole Easter Egg business. And chocolate bunnies. And jelly beans.


But he still has a certain appeal for children……

And adults with a new lens on their camera.


There were BROWNIES!!! And coffee too. You know it is a good party when there are brownies and coffee.


There was also an appearance of the Easter Cockatoo. Another lesser known, but much more colorful cousin of the Easter Bunny.

Do you know that the Tooth Fairy has a brother? Yes, he does. It is the Tooth Elephant. He takes care of the overflow, sneaking in on his little elephant toes and putting money under your pillow. Occasionally he is late, due to his more substantial nature, but he always gets the job done in the end.

Hmmmmm? You don’t believe me. Shows how much you know. The Tooth Elephant always seemed to show up at Chez Knit.

But I digress.


There was enthusiastic dancing to fiddle music.

And then there were the children in their Easter Best.


Oh be still my beating heart. Don’t you just want to squeeze those chubby little cheeks!!


I am a sucker for little boys in seer sucker shorts and saddle shoes. And a TIE!

I am slayed.


I have no words. A little boy in a gray suit with shorts and RED socks?

Oh help me I want grandchildren.

And that was my Easter Sunday morning.


  1. I think that bird is a macaw.

    1. Thank you my Knit Sib! I knew, even as I wrote the word cockatoo, that I was "mis-labeling" the poor bird.


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