Wednesday, April 11, 2012

They Said Snow SHOWERS


They said snow SHOWERS.

This was not snow showers.


Oh my poor day lilies and Hosta. OH my poor clematis. Oh my poor Red Bud.

Of course, the snow won’t stay around all that long. In fact they are saying that the temp will warm up enough to have a rain/sleet/snow mixture by afternoon.

Oh. Joy.

Sigh. I will just have to do some things today that bring me joy in other ways.

Like taking some pictures of a fabulous kitchen.

And maybe finishing some knitting.

And ignoring the ironing that needs to be done.

And watching my corned beef brine. Yes, I will tell you all about it next week when it has completed it’s brining and cooking.

And yes I know that St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally the time to have Corned Beef. But on St. Pat’s Day I was in Peru eating all things fish. I am not sure that they would even know what corned beef was in Peru. And I didn’t have time before leaving on the semi-annual Peruvian trek to produce a corned beef. It takes 5 days to brine, or so Michael Ruhlman tells me. PLUS I didn’t have one of the ingredients, Prague Powder #1. I had to order that from Amazon when I returned home.

And yes I do know that I can buy said corned beef at the grocery store already “corned”. But you know me…

I do it MYSELF!

I think I might have rabbit trailed there for a minute.

Oh well, anything to take my mind off the snow. Even though I know that having snow in April is a distinct possibility here in the Frozen Northeast Ohio. And sometimes a lot of snow in April. So I shouldn’t complain.

But I am.

IMG_1229A But Alpha! I so love the snow. But perhaps not so much now that I have my “summer cut”. I feel slightly chilly in my nether regions.

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