Friday, April 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 160)


How on EARTH did it get to be almost the middle of April?? And Sunday is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic? How time does fly, especially when I blather. So when you have taken as much time as you need to ponder the inner workings of my mind then click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of the firestorm ignited by Hilary Rosen and her comments on Ann Romney, over to Conversion Diary.

Blather dead ahead!!!

So, since we were last together I have become the proud owner of a new computer. It had been several years since I had to go through the process of switching from one computer to another.

I completely forgot what an absolute and complete pain in the patookiss this is.

Pain. In. The. Backside.

I put all of my pictures on my external hard drive so that I could just drag and drop them onto the new computer. That took a long time just to put them all on the hard drive. And then it took a LONG time to move them over. It wouldn’t have taken quite so long except……

Then the new computer decided that it didn’t want to recognize the external hard drive anymore. It wanted a divorce evidently. Thankfully the old laptop was still willing to date the hard drive so I had to drag and drop the remaining photos that I hadn’t transferred onto a thumb drive from the hard drive.

But I could only find my 2GB thumb drive. And I had A LOT more than 2GB of pictures.

Back and forth and back and forth and back and…

FORGET IT! So I went to Target and got a 16GB thumb drive.

But then there was the problem of iTunes. Oh iTunes you are a big headache sometimes. I had put all my music on the external hard drive…or thought I had. But when I went to add it most of the stuff was missing. Grrrrrrrr. And what was there was scrambled a bit. Grrrrr again.

What to do, what to do. What I didn’t want to do was to move music bit by bit. That way lies crazytown!

Hey wait a minute!! We do Home Sharing here at Chez Knit. I bet that would work. And sure enough I could see my library from my old computer on my new computer but…WHERE IS THE IMPORT BUTTON DAGNABBIT!!! I wasted a boat load of time just scratching my head like a frazzled baboon and looking at settings until I finally turned to the internet and found my answer.

And it was so simple.

Oh, I got something else that I have been wanting………

A new lens.

Yes, yes I know. I already have four a few other lenses. But I wanted needed that 50mm. And the Parental Units sent me birthday moola so……

I bought it. And I did NOT get the expensive one which cost, well, a lot of money. But I am happy nonetheless. Now to play with it.


Regarding #1…..

When I wrote that particular entry everything looked rosy and happy happy joy joy.

But there was unhappiness in Chez Knit land. And pain. And gnashing of teeth and flinging of imprecations into the ethernet. And hours and hours and hours of work ahead.

Because even though at the end of the day it LOOKED like everything had transferred over it hadn’t. Click on something and I would get the dreaded “we can’t find the original file. Do you want to look for it”.


So thank you iTunes for the fact that I have had to search through all my music and audiobooks INDIVIDUALLY to find the ones that didn’t transfer successfully. Then I have had to delete the corrupted files and drag and drop music.

AND then there were all my audiobooks from Audible that had to be deleted and re-downloaded.

What an every loving headache!!!

And because I have to have everything “just so” I had to find all the missing artwork. And make sure that all the songs from all the albums are linked up. And that everything is labeled as I want it to be labeled.

OCD much Deb?

Oh the weeds that are growing in my landscape beds.

I am overwhelmed.

And I am busy.

And it has gotten cold again. And there might have been some snow.

When they get to be the height of the plants on the African veldt please send someone to find me.

Thank you.

Tomorrow is supposed to be relatively nice so I guess I will be outside for a bit……


This is one of the blossoms from my Tea Viburnums. Shot with the new 50mm lens which I LOVELOVELOVE.

But I digress

I love my Tea Viburnums. You cannot believe how sweet these blossoms smell. Every Spring, when they bloom, I will have my office windows open and the fragrance will just waft it.

And I am happy.

But not this year.

You see, everything around here has blossomed about a month early. The viburnums have been in full bloom. But it has been too cold this week to open any windows and enjoy the fragrance. I would run out and give them a sniff and run back inside, dodging the snow/rain/sleet. And then last night……a freeze warning. And this morning the blossoms are looking decidedly bedraggled and droopy.


But the Hosta seem to have survived. At least for the moment.

I haven’t forgotten that I promised you another post or two from Peru. Life has just been very busy this week. And I had to get my homemade Corned Beef brining. And I am still recovering from going out of town AGAIN.

OK, FINE! I haven’t finished editing all the pictures yet. So sue me. I have work pictures to edit. And jobs to shoot. And I will get to them.


As usual I took pictures in the grocery store. I am totally fascinated by foreign grocery stores. And the floor at PlacaVeya was so clean that you could have eaten off of it. There is a small army of minions whose sole job is to swab the floors all day long. I wish I had floor minions.

Look at the shine!!! They put American grocery stores to shame. And I have to say that I saw the same thing in Cuatla, Mexico. Pristine floors.

I wish I had floor minions.

And no, Max the Magnificent doesn’t count.


But Alpha, I would gladly clean your floors for you…all day long.



I am also still working on some of the pictures from Easter. But every time I look at this picture it just makes me chuckle.

Doesn’t take much does it.


  1. Oh, my. I hate the whole "new computer" trauma. My son, who's a computer science major, keeps trying to get us to upgrade, but I refuse. Too much stress. And it's like moving: there's always SOMETHING that gets lost.

  2. I've been wanting to buy a 50mm lens for a while now, but I can't get myself to spend the money (even though I've been saving up for it). Have fun with your new lens!

  3. My laptop has been making "funny" noises. I'm definitely not looking forward to doing what you just have.

    Max looks like a sweetie!

  4. I need that lens!! I do! I need it!

    That last picture is hysterical.

  5. And I LOVELOVELOVE your picture of the Viburnum!


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