Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Putting the Cart Before The Horse

Sometimes I just get excited about something that I have created for someone.

And then I forget things.


A box.

A box that is all prepared for mailing.

And in the box is a gift. A gift for Molly, the newest member of our clan. Something that I knit for her…even though her grandma is a MUCH better knitter than I am and I am sure that she will knit something fabulous. I have seen Joan’s knitting. She is good.

I carefully wrapped the gift. And then realized that I had wrapped the card IN the gift. SO I unwrapped the gift, retrieved the card, rewrapped the gift and got the box all ready to go to the Post Office.

And then I realized.

I had not taken a picture of the Finished Object.


I know, I know, it seems unusual to take a picture of a gift before you give it to someone. But if you are a knitter you will understand.

I have to have a picture of the “FO” because I have to list it on my Projects page on Ravelry. I can list it without a pictures. I have done that before when I forget to take a picture and then send the knitting off to someone else. But if I forget to take a picture then I have to put up this picture…..


But I try to avoid that if I can. Knitters like to see pictures of what others have done. It helps us visualize what the project might look like before we embark upon the whole pointy sticks and string thing. And part of the fun of knitting is showing your FOs off to other knitters and having them tell you that you are a fabulous knitter.

I will take all the affirmation that I can get.

And so…..


I had to unwrap the well prepared box. And not only did I have to open the box up but I had to unwrap the entire package, trying not to rip the wrapping paper and the tissue paper AGAIN.

But it was worth it.


And because I have to have ultimate control I always stick in a little card with “care instructions”. And I have suddenly realized that there is a typo on the card.

Do not send me a message to tell me that it is there. I can see it.

And I am NOT reprinting it and opening the package and unwrapping and rewrapping and retaping the box.

Not. Gonna. Do. It. Molly’s parents will just have to forgive my inability to spell a very simple word.


I loved knitting this sweater. LovedLovedLoved.

I want to knit it again.

Can someone have a girl baby so I can knit this sweater again?

And hopefully the next time I knit a gift I will remember to take pictures of it BEFORE I wrap it up and get it ready to mail.

A girl can dream can’t she.


  1. This is a-dor-able!! What pattern did you use? Lucky little girlie! I love knitting baby pieces; they go so fast, and they always look darling on the intended recipient. Glad you ended up taking a picture after all! :)

    1. Hey Kathy- It is the Helena baby sweater. The link is on my Ravelry project page.

  2. Lovely! Now I want someone I know to have a baby girl just so I can make it.

  3. Let me boost your ego a bit - you are a fabulous knitter!!! If only I was having another child - lol. But, I still cherish the hat and sweater for Mercy and can't wait to pass it down from generation to generation!!!


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