Monday, April 2, 2012

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

Oh it is that time of year again.

And my obsession has raised it’s ugly head and strolled out of the woods to fascinate and horrify.


And I don’t mean politicians…although the term applies there too.

No. It is that time of year again. When a young turkey’s thoughts turn to gettin’ himself a harem of the lovely ladies and making some babies.

Wild turkeys are a shy and retiring sort of bird most of the year. We hear them but we don’t see them, especially when the eggs hatch and there are little baby turkeys. I have no idea what they are called and frankly that is not germane to the discussion at hand and will cause great digression.

Where was I?

TURKEYS! Now I remember.

This time of year the turkeys tend to stroll around in the front and back yard. And it is usually always one Tom and a bunch of the ladies. Sometimes there are a whole lot of them, all milling around and Talkin’ Turkey Smack. But most of the time it is just a few. And however many there are….they are always ugly.


And yet, to me, they are like a train wreck. They are loathsome and yet I cannot look away.


Saturday morning, as HHBL was setting up my new computer, I looked out and there they were, strolling through the front yard.

They DO move in herds……

Six females and one male. The females were feeding and the male was gently moving them along. If anybody stopped for too long it he walked over and did this….


Step it up babe. We have things to do like make little babies. There is only one of me and I have to make every one happy.


Mildred! Get going girl. We don’t have time to waste.


OH look at me. I am FABULOUS! Who wouldn’t want to be my woman!



  1. You may hate them but I think they are beautiful - of course, they aren't in MY yard...

    1. I thought that you might have some turkeys out your way as well. But maybe not.

  2. I love that last shot. They really are striking when the sun hits them ... with their iridescent feathers & all. I was in my garage when a few huge male turkeys (un-poofed up) walked right by. I've never been so close to them and to see how shiny they were in the sunshine really was quite amazing.

  3. I would of said...HHBL get the gun and we will have dinner!

    your loving cousin,


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