Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Think We Should Be Done Now

I might have mentioned before that I live in the snow belt in Northeast Ohio. Ah the snow belt, it is such a fun place to be as the snowflakes fall, often at the rate of 2 inches or more per hour. I live in one of the few places in the USA that has Lake Effect Snow. I feel so special.

I am so lying about that you know, the special part. It feels more like a curse at times. I love snow, I really do. It is beautiful in moderation but not when you are getting amounts that look like you stopped at the Snow Costco and bought it in bulk. I draw the line at that.

Where am I going with this? Well I will tell you where. I am going straight to the chiropractic clinic so that they can get my back fixed after shoveling snow, that’s where I am going. Or at least that is where I imagine I will go.

We had a relatively mild November and December for this part of the frozen north. Very little snow fell from the sky, in fact we didn’t have much of a white Christmas. But that has all changed, very dramatically I might add and very swiftly. That is the nature of Lake Effect Snow. It doesn’t just snow, it snows for DAYS. It started snowing on Friday morning and it didn’t stop until Tuesday afternoon, and only briefly. It isn’t windy, in isn’t whiteout conditions. It is just a continual fall of snow.


This is the amount of snow that we had received by Monday morning. Yes, you are seeing that correctly. It is 14.5 inches of lovely, fluffy snow. That is a good amount but manageable. I have an all wheel drive vehicle that is good in snow, I am not afraid of no stinkin’ snow!

IMG_4397A Max loves the snow. He lives for it. He craves it like he craves cake and butter and lasagna and cookies. He loves to stick his face in the snow and root around in it. What is he looking for? I am afraid to ask. He loves to have you throw shovels full of snow at him. He makes me crazy all day long asking to go out.






The birdies all seem to love the snow, especially when I remember to fill the bird feeders. In weather like this we will go through…..

wait for it………….

20 pounds of black sunflower seeds in a week. They are greedy birds. Greedy, greedy, greedy.

Oh, just as an aside. Please overlook the fact that the birdie pictures aren’t centered. I am now using Windows Live Writer to do my posts and I have yet to figure out how to select multiple pictures and center them. If you know how to do this please let me know so I don’t have to do anything drastic, like yell at the computer. HHBL already had to help with one issues. I don’t like not understanding how things work. It makes me crazy and then I get all having to have chocolate at 6am and…..

Sorry, I rabbit trailed there for a moment.

So back to the snow.

IMG_4435AMaxwell surveying his domain and wishing that the snow wasn’t quite so high….because he can’t get over some of the snow along the driveway to get into the yard. And when he does make his way into the yard the snow is almost as high as his back. And, well, it is REALLY hard to do some of the things that the dog does in the yard when the snow reaches certain areas of the body. Actually what he does is makes his way under the deck and leaves me a present under there. That’s a real Spring surprise I can tell you! Can I stop there or do I have to continue with the explanation.

Thank you

IMG_4442IMG_4445 This is my backyard and my deck. See what I meant about the snow. Does anyone want some because I would be more than happy to share AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. I am nice that way.


  And when the snow finally stopped, at least for this session, this is how much we had on the ground.

Don’t you wish you were here? I do because I need someone to help me with the shoveling.


  1. Well, I'm on the other side of the lakes and we're supposed to get lake effect snow too but apparently you're hogging it all!!! Please share, pretty please?

  2. We've had our drive plowed twice and it could use it again. We don't shovel 300 feet. And I hear there is more coming Thursday--aren't we excited?

  3. @ Rural Revival-I would be GLAD to share believe me.
    @ Chris- We have about half your driveway so I also have someone who plows. Just heard about the next round of snow. Lovely.

  4. I haven't left the house since Saturday and don't intend to with the latest storm heading our way!

  5. Oh my WORD, you weren't kidding when you said you had plenty to share. I love the pictures--especially the cardinal (state bird of VA, you know). I will take some of your snow, but only if you can just disperse it onto the roads so we can have a snow day from school. Yes, I need one already. We STILL have snow on the ground from our Dec. 18 blizzard, and it's never going to melt, because we're lucky if it's 32 degrees in the broad daylight. Ugggh, I sympathize. C'mon, spring!

  6. I grew up in Cleveland, then for fun, moved to Boston. I drove home with a pal through the Berkshires from Amherst to Concord during the blizzard of '78, which was possibly the worst snow storm ever. It took us 8 hours to go 80 miles. In '94, the year we moved to Madrid, we had over nine feet of snow and at least 2 months straight of sub-0 temps. Here, it snows a half an inch every now and then, and only one winter in the last 16 has it ever stuck for more than 24 hours. You are welcome to visit any time!

  7. Oh my goodness that is a LOT of snow!

  8. God has such a good sense of humor! Yesterday, I bragged about it not snowing in Madrid and today we are having a blizzard. The temperature is low enough that it might just stick for awhile. Joke's on me.

  9. I know I'm weird, but I LOVE SNOW! So jealous!

    I live in Georgia, so I'm sure they'd disown me if they read my above statement...

  10. @Jessica- When I finally get to move to Georgia I will hope for the love of snow to return.

  11. Brace yourself! Up to 13 more inches by Saturday morning!

    My girls are hoping for yet another snow day tomorrow! (Lots of inside-out PJs being slept in tonight! Oh, and ice cubes down the toilet too.)

  12. @LookLeap - that snow had better not interfere with going to dinner Saturday night. That's all I'm sayin'

  13. No way! Nothing comes between me and a dinner out!!

  14. You're on your own with that shoveling! We're at about 25 inches of snow ourselves with drifting. Yesterday we holed up in the house cause the wind chill was like 40 below. Today the wind has stopped and even tho the temp is still 10 below, we managed to clear the front drive, which thankfully, is close to the street. Now to run some errands!

  15. Wow, and I thought WE had some big snow! Your pictures are gorgeous, and I have bird feeders just like your squirrel-proof ones. Mine don't always keep the squirrels out, however :)

    Stay warm! -Tammy


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