Monday, January 25, 2010

Bread Makes It All Better…Sometimes

So, I am in the midst of my usual January doldrums. It happens every year like clock work. So much to do in November and December and then you get to January and everything just slows down and it feels, at times, like I am trying to run through jello.

That isn’t a pleasant picture let me tell you.

Saturday was not a good day for me. Ask HHBL and he will tell you. I woke up crabby and that is never a good thing. Oh it is bad.

I stomped around. I grumbled after phone calls. I whined and moaned. I might have said some things, only under my breath mind you, that I shouldn’t have said. And there wasn’t any baseball on yet to make me happy. This just couldn’t continue.

What to do, what to do……

Now usually when I am upset about something or I am agitated or just needing to “work things out” in my head I organize. But right now there really isn’t too much to organize. Yes, there are boxes in the basement that need to be dealt with but I have been working on them all week and frankly we needed a break from each other. And all the closets are organized and all the drawers are organized and…..

I just needed to be creative and I didn’t think it was safe for the other inhabitants of this place if I played with my pointy sticks. And besides, I just needed something…..


IMG_4575A I needed Cinnamon Raisin Bread.

Yes, I needed to be able to mix something together violently and then knead it within an inch of it’s life. I just kneaded (get it kneaded) to work out some of my crabbiness on something and bread seemed the perfect, and delicious way to do it.

IMG_4576A All that yummy, yeasty, cinnamony goodness. Yup, that’s what I needed to do.

And so I did. I will post “how to” pictures and accompanying recipe next week when I make this again. That way I can try out my new tripod that can sit on the counter. But just as a preview I wanted to show you the surefire way to get out of a day of crabby.

IMG_4577A IMG_4583 Oh and it worked. It worked like a charm my internety friends. Can you smell it from where you are? Can you taste the goodness? Especially when it was slathered with an appropriately large amount of butter.

And the toast the next morning?

Oh Lordy.

The recipe makes two loaves which were out of the oven and ready for consumption by 4p on Saturday afternoon. By 7p on Sunday evening one loaf was gone……..

and there are only two people living here. That is how good it is.

Thank goodness for Cinnamon Raisin Bread.


  1. Please, please, please post the recipe. I, too, am crabby. I am having the usual January let down, combined with two sick kids who have the creeping crud, one of which has been to the doctor three times in the last 6 days. Being a mindful mommy, we of course cannot go anywhere and do anything lest we spread the crud to the unsuspecting public. Well, they'd probably be suspecting as soon as they heard the nasty coughs, but still.

  2. Peaking in at your blog today and found your bread post. I find bread so comforting too. Probably the reason I have to diet so often:) Enjoy your bread and dream of warmer weather.

  3. Oh, please, definitely post the recipe. I'm a breadmaker, too, and I'm quite looking forward to your raisin bread recipe!

  4. Where is my loaf??? I am made a resolution this year to try one new recipe a week ~ so I would LOVE you to post it. Last night I made cajun meatloaf and YUMMMMMO ~ I am liking this new year's resolution already!!!

  5. Delicious! Sounds like good therapy too. :o)

  6. I can smell it and I am so sad I live so very far away.

    If you bake bread when you're crabby I might spend more time stepping on your toes :)

    Normally January doesn't really bother me. But this year is hard. I think it has to do with coming back from NZ and losing 5 hours of daylight over night. I miss those long days.

  7. Why didn't you call me to help with the second loaf?? I was home all alone Saturday night and it would have cheered ME up too! :)


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