Friday, January 8, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 52)

Wow! Look at the Volume # on this particular Quick Takes. This is Vol 52 which means that I have been doing this for an entire year. Are you as excited as I am? A whole year.

Do you have trouble balancing all the things that you want to do on the internet? I am thinking that the age of the internet is a double edged sword. I could park my ever expanding posterior in my computer chair all day and never get to the end of the places I want to be and the rabbit trails that they lead me on. I have an ever expanding list of blogs that I read. There is news to catch up on. There are photos, photos, photos to look at and think about. There is Ravelry (Facebook for knitters) to spend hours on looking at patterns and chatting with friends. There is FB, Twitter and Sharewik to hang around on. Then there is this little piece of bloggy internet real estate that I handle.

For instance. I am going to (I think) do a "365 Project" where I take pictures every day and post them in a Flickr group and perhaps here. Obviously this is posting on 1/8/10 so I will already be participating is really just one more thing to add to an already full life. I don't know. What to do, what to do.

But then there are so many things that I want to do and need to do that have nothing to do with the internet. Knitting, reading, working, cleaning.....I was just kidding about the cleaning bit. The internet is a great tool but I sometimes have a hard time balancing it with other stuff.

How about you?

I have found the most awesome is Windows Live Writer. Ohhhhhhh, it is wonderful. Or at least it is now. I had some "issues" on Sunday and it didn't want to post anything that had a picture in it. And that was BAD.
I will admit that I had a minor meltdown when it kept giving me an Error 403 message.
What!!! What error? I didn’t make any error. Why won’t you post my post you dumb program. Why did you get my hopes up that you would be a wonderful tool for my bloggy efforts and then let me down so cruelly. Why do you not like my pictures and my post with my pictures in it. I worked so hard on this post. WHYWHYWHYWHYWHY…….arghhhhhhhhhh.
But HHBL worked his internet magic and now everything is golden. Have you noticed that the pictures are different? Some are tilted, some have borders. It gives me so much more functionality even when I want to underline or strikeout something.
My life is golden now….at least for blogging.
Are you all recovered from the holidays? I am still recovering I have to say. The Christmas decorations are down thank goodness. Well all except for the outside window decorations which are currently covered with snow. I will get those down this week (I hope). Cartoon Girl is back in NYC. TEO and Shoe Queen left yesterday to go back to school. Now it is back to just HHBL and I….and my house will be clean and picked up again and there won’t be ten thousand stray cups hanging around and shoes all over the back hall floor…….
and I miss my girls.
So you know, if you read the blog at all, that we have had some snow lately. Um yeah. And there is supposed to be another 8+ inches that will be falling today and into tomorrow which would mean schools calling snow days. Crazy as it sounds, that is one of the things that I miss about not having any progeny at home anymore….the difference in daily routine when a snow day is called.
There is something about a snow day that just gives you permission to take the day off. Still your pjs at 3p? So what, it’s a snow day! Curled up in a chair for hours on end reading a book? So what, it’s a snow day! Cookies for breakfast and pizza for lunch? So what, it’s a snow day!
I don’t have any snow day excuses anymore. Darn
This time of the year, when there are so many football games on the TV, is the time of year that Max the dog dreads. He is so hilarious because you would think that a dog that weighs 75 pounds and is secure in the fact that if he needed to he could rip your leg off, not that he would mind you, would not be scared of all things sports. But this big, black dog becomes a marshmallow when football or basketball is on the TV.
When we turn on a game he does the same thing every time. First he comes in and sits next to you, looking at you with this woe begonne face.
IMG_0317                            Please don’t watch that sports game. It scares me so!
If we don’t give into his doggy mind meld demands then he slinks into his house and stays there, just looking all sad and put upon. Winter is long for him poor thing.
Now that the progeny are back at school or their own home I will be able to purge the house of all those things that I can’t seem to stop eating. The crackers, the cookies, the ice cream…..I think we finished all the ice cream. But you know what I mean. All the stuff that is lurking around in the pantry. The stuff that is left over from the holidays. It is going…going…..gone. Well, gone after I have a snack that is.
I just thought I would tell you that I love my Barnes & Noble Nook. I will have a longer post on it next week I think but I just thought I would let you know. Yesterday I figured out how to download books from the library on to my Nook. Now I can indulge my Bibliographic obesity and I don’t have a book lying around. The world’s my oyster, or something like that.


  1. Oreo (the short-hair feline here) would NOT come downstairs even when everyone left after the Rose Bowl Game. (Yea Bucks!) He hadn't heard that much yelling in a while. I finally held him in a death grip so he couldn't scramble out of my arms, and took him from room to room until he believed me that everyone was gone.

    Poor Oreo. Poor Max. They'll never figure us humans out.

  2. We miss you too, Mom.

    You are not the only one who is lamenting the loss of snow days. I spend most of my days working from home anyway, but I miss that feeling of relief when you see your school name on the TV and you don't have to go to school. Good times.

  3. Anytime my mom dogsits my dog during a UT football game, Rookie barks and her and cries. She's one of those loud types. Screaming and all that. I think Rookie thinks she's in pain.

  4. We had a snow day today...for a dusting, LOL. How about I let you know when MY district is out for snow, and you can use those as your snow days?

  5. I would imagine Max to be more into The Arts and less into full contact sports. He's a lover, not a fighter remember.

    I'm glad you had a nice time with your girls. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall there at the house. A fly that you could not have killed with a fly-swatter because I would have super-sonic speed and triple compound eyes for full 360 coverage.

    I write too much.

    Good bye.


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