Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Dog is in Big Trouble

….and there is no more Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread.

IMG_4585 Hello my name is Max and I am a very bad boy. Notice that the Alpha Male (she who is writing this) has even put a black border around my picture. I am bad.

So, this is what my morning was like. Got up at the usual time, 5:15a. Came downstairs and had coffee and played with the computer for a while. Checked to see what had happened in the world while I was cutting some zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Grabbed a piece of Cinnamon Swirl Bread on the way out to do my two mile walk with my friends. HHBL wasn’t downstairs yet when I left but he was up and moving about. Came back, half frozen but all energized from the walk in 22F weather. Nothing like a lovely headwind to get the blood up.

HHBL: Hey! You finished up all the Cinnamon Bread. You really must have been hungry.

Me: I had a piece of bread but there was like 5 inches left on the loaf when I left. It is over there on the…… Hey where is the bread?

IMG_4589 Notice the rather glaring blank space on the counter? That is where the bread was.

HHBL: Well there isn’t any bread there now.

Me: MAAAAAAAAAAAAAX! Where is that dog!

And there he was, in his “house”. Just sitting there in his, “I know I have been bad but I just couldn’t help it” pose. With the evidence all around him.


This was the bag that held the bread.

But no more. It had been emptied of it’s contents. Licked clean and nibbled on just a bit. Just to make sure that he got every bit of goodness out of it before the Knitter of Vengeance and Justice came swooping down on him.

Remind me again why we have a dog?


  1. So you can someday write a book? Think Marley of movie fame! lol

  2. I love when they punish themselves! It's so cute!

  3. I am totally laughing. He couldn't help it!

    So he thought he would just eat it and retreat.

    Better to ask for forgiveness....

  4. Dear Max,

    I feel your pain. My Alpha female likes to tempt me with muffins, bread and the like. Do you know, on Christmas eve morning she actually had the nerve to leave white chocolate cranberry cupcakes in the middle of the rather large, I do admit, kitchen table? Honestly, their logic is beyond my comprehension. Do they seriously believe they can dangle the proverbial carrot in front of my nose forever and ever and not have me succumb to temptation? Not even once? I'll have you know, I enjoyed three of those cupcakes and I don't regret it one little bit. Why I even left some crumbs under the dining room table for the cat, THE CAT!, just to prove my point. I didn't let the cat lick the wrapper however; one can only go so far; that baby was all mine. The indigestion was worth it, by the way.

    Keep the faith Max. One day we will rise above (pardon the pun, it's a border collie thing) and conquer the land of baked goods once and for all.

    Sincerely yours in doggie manna,

  5. Cute story, I have a Hayward that is just as bad, but you gotta love them.

  6. We don't have pets and this confirms why! lol

  7. Because, did you see his face? How in the heavens could you be mad at him?


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