Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Have a Sock Fetish

Hi I’m Debbie and….


and, I have a handknit sock fetish.

Yes, it is true. I love my handknit socks. I love them like I love Liverwurst and Sweet Pickle sandwiches with mayo and we all KNOW how much I love those. They are like crack to me and so are my socks.

When I knit that first pair of socks and put them on my feet there was not turning back, I was hooked, I needed an intervention and there was no one there to stop me.

IMG_4505Yes, when I have my socks on, in all those lovely bright colors that you won’t find at Wally Mart I just have happy feet. You remember the old Steve Martin skit from SNL…

Well that is what it is like when I have my hand made socks on my feet. Happy Feet! And not only are my feet happy but they are warm. I want to tell you that hand knit socks made with Superwash Marino wool are just amazing.


And now, now that I know the beauty and wonder that is handknit socks I just can’t stop. IMG_4526A

I have not one…..
IMG_4522ANot two…….IMG_4525A

But three pairs of socks on the needles

Granted, one of those sets of socks are for Socks For Soldiers but the other two pairs are for me and my little tootsies. And there is more sock yarn in the stash. Oh yes there is. When I do a thing I do it to the fullest extent of my abilities….and there is no such things as too much sock yarn and so

and so…..

I have nineteen more pairs of socks that are possible at the moment. Now I just need to find the correct patterns for them

I think I need an intervention.


  1. Handknit socks are the BEST! My husband loves them too so I always have several pairs on the needles ;)

  2. @VeganCraftastic - did you happen to notice that one of the pairs on the needles are the Soybean socks that I saw on your blog. I love them already.

  3. They are all so beautiful! You surely have a talent for sock knitting!!! Oh, and the ones you started on Monday night are coming along beautifully!

  4. If hand knit socks are crack, you are my dealer. I have YOU to thank for my love of hand knit socks. I had NOOO idea. I'm so in love with them that they are only for lounging, I take them off if I'm just walking around the house. They even have their own cubby hole in my closet!!

    THIS is why I need to learn to knit. Stupid carpal tunnel!

  5. You knit socks??? I can't believe it! Do you sell said socks? Any chance you could mail a pair to Spain?

    Dedicated a poem for you on my blog...


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