Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Have Found A Reason to Love January

How did I not know this? How did I not know that January is National Get Organized Month. Now that is something that I can be excited about…..organizing things really jazzes my day.

Yes, yes……I know that I am just wired wrong. Go with me on this people.

What got me to thinking about this and brought me the knowledge of National Get Organized Month was this article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Did you know that there is such a thing as a “Certified Professional Organizer”? Seriously!

Can I be one of those please. Pretty please. PLEASE!!!

But it is also disturbing in a way that there is such a thing as a Certified Personal Organizer. I think it is rather indicative of the culture that we live in, especially here in the good old USA. We have so much stuff and we don’t know how to organize/declutter/throw out said stuff. We continue to collect all that stuff because our culture and the TV and the media say we need new stuff or better stuff or the stuff that Kim Kardashian has. So we need to have someone whose job it is to actually come in and show you what to do. Sort of sad really.

But I still think I would like the job if anyone wants to show me how to get into that field. I don’t have to many things left around here to organize and that makes me antsy and itchy and sort of wanting to do something drastic like…..



Can’t think of anything at the moment.


  1. Professional organizers are really popular! You could be one of those show hosts who go in and organize a disaster house.

    Actually, I'm following this book thats called One Year to an Organized Life by regina leeds. It won't take me the full year as I don't have kids rooms and some of the other topics but its a project a week for a year, including building habits to keep organized.

    We'll see is all I have to say :)

  2. Oh AND I found that clearing things out myself (without the help of loved ones) is the way to go. Otherwise I would never, ever get rid of things.

    Mostly its just organizing all of our combined stuff and getting rid of things we haul from apartment to apartment. Plus now we have all this wedding stuff! :)

  3. Funny that this has been the number one thing on my mind lately. Actually, my husband's mind. I'm the saver. He's the purger.

    In the PD I also just recently found out about a web site: www.unclutterer.com. (It took me a while to unbury this torn piece of paper from the pile of papers next to my desk.)

    I haven't checked it out yet, but intend to. The book Dandy is reading sounds promising too!

    I have such high hopes this January. (Of course, now it's almost February.)

  4. @Dandy- I have heard of that book. I may have to check it out. You can never have too much organizing info

    @LookLeap - I love that website, it has some great ideas.

  5. You've probably already done everything in the book :)

  6. I love organizing and it would be fun to get paid for it but I wouldn't want to tackle some of those "hoarder" homes.


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